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Kylie Minogue Engaged to Joshua Sasse!

We just wanted to take the time to congratulate Australian singer Kylie Minogue and her fiancé Galavant actor Joshua Sasse on their engagement which was announced in the U.K. newspaper The Daily Telegraph last Friday, which is a rather traditional … Continue reading

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Pink Diamond vs. Pink Sapphire Halo Engagement Rings

A question we’ve received is how the pink color in our pink sapphire engagement rings compares to the pink color in our pink diamond engagement rings. Below is a side by side comparison, with pink diamonds on the left, and … Continue reading

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Top 5 deBebians Youtube Videos of 2015

Now that we’re in June, it seemed like a good time to look at the most popular trends in jewelry in terms of our most viewed rings on Youtube. 1) Cushion Morganite Halo Rose Gold Engagement Ring This design of … Continue reading

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Benefits of Choosing a Halo Engagement Ring

deBebians carries a huge collection of varying engagement ring styles. There is no right or wrong style to choose—it truly depends on the woman’s natural style and the budget that one is comfortable spending on the ring and center diamond. … Continue reading

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Benedict Cumberbatch is Engaged! Fiancée Wears a Halo Engagement Ring

Congratulations to British actors Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie Hunter on their recent engagement! The news was formally announced on Nov. 5 in the London Times. Although they began dating in early 2014, the couple managed to keep their relationship relatively … Continue reading

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Favorite Morganite Engagement Rings

With our morganite sale in full swing, I thought I’d take a look at the styles we currently offer in our collection and make a list of my top five picks.  It was actually really difficult to decide since we’ve … Continue reading

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Gift Ideas for the Wife with a Morganite Engagement Ring

Our line of rose gold morganite engagement rings includes some of our most popular engagement ring styles and husbands or future husbands who previously gave their significant other a morganite ring may wonder what kind of gift idea they can … Continue reading

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Why Choose a Halo Engagement Ring Setting?

Halo engagement rings have become almost as popular as the classic solitaire setting, perhaps even more popular in certain circles. Finding the perfect engagement ring is one of the most important tasks that you will ever face, but it does … Continue reading

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Save Huge on Halo Engagement Rings during Summer of Love Sale

Seeing as our ‘Summer of Love’ 10% off halo engagement ring settings sale begins today, I wanted to talk about our halo engagement ring settings. Here at deBebians.com, you can choose from thousands of diamonds and lots and lots of … Continue reading

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Heart Cut Morganite Engagement Rings

Our morganite and rose gold engagement rings are some of our most popular designs.  Many of our customers are absolutely charmed by the romantic, warm quality and combination of the peachy pink morganite paired with the pinkish color of rose … Continue reading

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