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Unique Diamond Anniversary Rings

A diamond ring is a symbol of love and commitment. They are the perfect way to celebrate a significant wedding anniversary or other special moment in your journey with your partner. We love creating and designing unique anniversary gifts, including … Continue reading

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Spend Your Tax Refund at deBebians.com!

If you are one of the lucky ones to get money back this year on your taxes, I can think of a few ways to treat yourself.  A massage?  Check!  A vacation?  Check!  A new piece of jewelry??  Check!  Yes, … Continue reading

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Best April Birthstone Jewelry

My favorite month has finally arrived! As someone who was born in April, diamond jewelry has always been my favorite because the diamond is April’s birthstone. Though this brilliant gem is one of the more expensive options, deBebians carries a … Continue reading

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Diamond Bands for Any Finger

Diamond bands are not just for engagements; they can also be fashionable jewelry for everyday. Diamond bands can be worn on any finger because they are nondiscriminatory. What I love most about diamond bands, such as an eternity, is that … Continue reading

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New Jewelry Designs in Time for Spring

Spring jewelry has arrived and it is just in time for the warming weather. I always enjoy wearing yellow and rose gold jewelry when the sun it out and it is the perfect time of year to have fun with … Continue reading

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New Diamond Ring Designs: Perfect for Any Jewelry Collection

With April quickly approaching, diamond jewelry has been on my mind (not that it isn’t always on my mind). I was born in April, so my birthstone is the diamond, which may explain why diamond jewelry is my favorite. Recently, … Continue reading

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Olivia Benson’s Ring on Law & Order: SVU

Mariska Hargitay stars as Olivia Benson on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, and in recent seasons, she is usually seen wearing a thin ring. My impression is that it is a thin diamond band, probably an eternity ring, manufactured … Continue reading

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Engagement rings from the BBC’s Sherlock

I enjoy watching the BBC’s Sherlock, and it was hard for me to miss these two engagement rings in the season three premiere. Most prominent in the episode was Dr. John Watson’s engagement to Mary Morstan, played by actress Amanda … Continue reading

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Understanding total carat weight in jewelry

Working in the jewelry industry and being surrounded by jewelry professionals all the time, it’s easy for me to get in the groove of jewelry lingo. I sometimes forget that most people out there don’t know a whole lot about … Continue reading

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Top 5 Men’s Diamond Rings

One aspect of jewelry for men that is often overlooked is a diamond ring for men.  Much emphasis is placed on diamond jewelry for the ladies, but men can also enjoy having a little sparkle and bling on their finger … Continue reading

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