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Modern Anniversary Jewelry for Her

A wedding anniversary is a wonderful time to showcase your love and appreciation for your spouse by presenting her with beautiful, fine jewelry. At deBebians, we have many affordable pieces of jewelry that will fit any budget. Our jewelry is … Continue reading

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Anniversary Gift Guide: Diamond Necklaces

There are many pieces of jewelry that are appropriate to present to your partner for a wedding anniversary. One of the easiest and most affordable options is a diamond necklace. deBebians carries a variety of diamond and gemstone necklaces, but … Continue reading

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Most Popular Anniversary Ring Trends 2017

Can’t decide on what to get your partner to celebrate this year’s wedding anniversary? Two words: eternity ring. deBebians is the perfect jewelry store to find an eternity ring due to our huge selection and affordable prices. Our eternity rings … Continue reading

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Simple Diamond and Gemstone Earrings for Wedding Anniversaries

deBebians creates a wide variety of fine jewelry that is appropriate to be given as gifts for any occasion. As you know, deBebians manufactures each item to order so it is important to look at the processing time if you … Continue reading

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Best Wedding Anniversary Gifts: Necklace Edition

The anniversary of your wedding is one of the special days that you and your partner can set aside to celebrate your enduring love and commitment towards each other. Many couples choose to exchange gifts on their wedding anniversary as … Continue reading

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Wedding Anniversary Necklace Gifts

Wedding anniversaries are often celebrated with jewelry gifts, especially on milestone anniversaries, such as a fifth and tenth anniversary. A necklace can be worn and enjoyed on any occasion and is an ideal gift idea for an anniversary. I have … Continue reading

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Timeless Anniversary Gift Ideas

Wedding anniversaries may come around once a year, but they are a time to reflect on your marriage vows and focus on the past, present, and future of your relationship. I have selected three of my favorite wedding anniversary gift … Continue reading

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Best Wedding Anniversary Jewelry Gifts

There are many different ways that a couple may choose to celebrate their wedding anniversary. You may choose to surprise your spouse with nice dinner, a weekend away, or with a thoughtful gift idea. There are a wide variety of … Continue reading

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Show Her Your Romantic Side with Morganite Jewelry

The peachy pink morganite is innately one of the most romantic gemstones that we offer at deBebians. Morganite is said to promote prosperity of love as well as an abundance of heart. It also symbolizes joy and inner strength, which … Continue reading

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Top 5 Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her

With so many weddings happening during the summer months, I figure this week can be a ‘friendly’ reminder to not forget your wedding anniversary gift!  According to a survey I recently came across, September is the most popular month of … Continue reading

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