Personalized Signet Rings

We specialize in manufacturing any type of personalized signet rings. We have many different styles of signet rings that can be personalized specifically for you. How would you like your signet ring personalized? You tell us and we will get it done for you.

The most common personalized signet ring is manufactured with one to three letters engraved on the face of the ring. At deBebians we offer three different personalized engraving options.

Personalized Computer Engraved Signet Rings

PersonalizedComputerOn this signet ring, we used a computer engraver, which uses a diamond tip to etch into the ring and engrave the personalized letter onto the ring.

Personalized Laser Engraved Signet Rings

personaliedlaserWith this personalized option, we use a laser beam to actually burn the gold and yield this matte finish look on the signet ring.  The process is only on the surface of the ring and is not deep inside the ring.  However, it does give a very clean look.

Personalized Hand Engraved Signet Rings

PersonalizedHandThis is my favorite engraving option when it comes to a personalized signet ring.  This is a process where our master hand engraver literally engraves the personalized letters by hand.  This is truly a work of art and very hard to find such a skilled master engraver like him.  As you can tell from the picture, this is a deep engraving style.

If you are looking for a custom personalized signet ring, please don’t hesitate to call or email me.  I have helped customers like you design the perfect personalized signet ring.  Click on the word custom signet rings to see our custom signet rings page.



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Notable Round Halo Engagement Rings

The most common center stone shape is round. deBebians offers an array of halo engagement ring, including those that can be manufactured for round-shaped center stones. We offer a loose diamond search so that you may browse for your diamond at your convenience. If you prefer that our GIA graduate gemologists assist you with finding a center diamond, you may request a Personal Diamond Shopper. We also carry Forever One Moissanite from Charles & Colvard, including Hearts and Arrows Forever One Moissanite. We wanted to share a few of our most celebrated round halo engagement rings, but we encourage you to browse our entire collection of halo rings.

1. Round Halo Engagement Ring with Pave Accents

Round Halo Engagement Ring with Pave AccentsThis is one of our most traditional halo engagement ring designs. The ring allows a wedding band to sit flush next to the engagement ring. We created the ring with u pave set accent diamonds. This setting is available in your choice of precious metal.

2. Round Halo Diamond Ring

Round Halo Diamond RingIf you prefer the look of vintage-inspired engagement rings, then a ring with milgrain detailing and hand engraving is a wonderful option. This ring is one of our most elaborite designs with every side being decorated.

3. Round Halo Three Stone Ring

Round Halo Three Stone RingA three stone engagement ring is a timeless design. This ring combines the classic with the modern due to the halo design that surrounds all three stones. A three stone engagement ring represents your past, present, and future spent together as a couple growing in love.

Check out our entire collection of halo engagement rings and let us know in the comments which one is your favorite!




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Favorite Morganite Engagement Ring Designs

The morganite engagement ring collection from deBebians is one of our most popular collections. Morganite is a peachy-pink colored gemstone that is in the beryl family. It is a beloved addition to many pieces of jewelry, with the favorite definitely being for engagement rings. The elegance of this gemstone makes it a classic and timeless choice for your bride-to-be. Below are three of our best sellers of morganite engagement rings.

1. Morganite Round Engagement Ring with Halo

This round morganite engagement ring is set with either a 0.90 carat or 2.50 carat round cut morganite. The morganite is surrounded by a pave halo, which complements the pave diamond band. The center stone is held into place by a four prong setting, which is an incredibly traditional look.

2. Morganite Rose Gold Halo Engagement Ring with Twisted Split Shank

Our morganite halo ring is whimsical and romantic. Style number HE108-M features a twisted diamond band and halo.

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If you love the look of a more modern setting, this is a wonderful option. The morganite setting is surrounded up a u pave halo while the band has a twisted shank. The ring resembles the look of an infinity symbol, which is representative of the neverending journey as life partners.

3. Morganite Square Pave Engagement Ring

Our double prong setting holds into place your choice of cushion cut morganite. The morganite is available in either 1.25 carats (7x7mm) or 2.50 carats (9x9mm). The u pave band adds just enough sparkle without overpowering the look of the center stone. This ring is incredibly versatile and can be paired with an array of wedding band designs.

Please browse our entire collection of morganite engagement rings to see our additional designs.

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How to Monogram Your Piece of Jewelry from DeBebians

Here at deBebians, we sell a lot of jewelry that can be monogrammed including signet rings and personalized gold necklaces. Often times, I see clients enter the order of initials for the monogram in the incorrect order. Of course, you can monogram your piece of jewelry in any order you would like, but here is the typical way to do it.

For three initials, typically the first name initial goes on the left. The next initial in the monogram is the first initial of the last name (typically this center initial is larger than the other two). The third initial is the first initial of the middle name.

Monogram Jewelry In this case, the letters appear from left to right as LLE. An example of the customer’s name could be Laura Elizabeth Lee. The center larger initial in the monogram is the first initial of the last name.  Typically the center initial of the monogram (first initial of the last name) appears larger than the other two initials.

Monogram Signet RingIf you are about to be married (or are married) and would like to do a couple’s monogram, this is a bit different than the one we just discussed. Look at the ring above, for example. The initials from left to right appear as JSE. In this case the bride’s name could be Jessica and the groom’s name could be Edward. The groom’s last name could be Smith. So in this case, the initials would be done from left to right as JSE.

If you need assistance or have a question about monogramming your piece of jewelry, please do not hesitate to call on us. We will gladly assist you and make sure that your monogram appears as it should. Happy shopping!





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Diamond Signet Rings

At we specialize in custom diamond signet rings. I personally designed many custom diamond signet rings. I have designed diamond initial signet rings, diamond framed rings and many other designs. All I need from you is a vision and I will make that into realty. Many times I will even make it more beautiful than you could have imagined it.

Below you will find a signet ring that the customer wanted us to micro pavé a very thin rim of diamonds and have enough room to hand engrave her initials.

Diamond Signet Ring

If you look at the diamond signet ring below you will see a ring with two flush diamonds outside of the initial. The letters on the inside was hand engraved by our master hand engraver.

Custom Diamond Signet RingNow this is a very unique process. We designed the signet ring using our 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design) program. This client wanted the initials raised and a diamond accent on the signet ring. On a job like this the 3D CAD is emailed to the client for approval.  If the CAD is approved we take it into manufacturing. If the client wants to make a modification this is the time the modification takes place.

Custom Signet Rings

I love receiving emails for custom diamond signet ring designs. Don’t hesitate to call or email me.

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Bridal Set Refresh: Add a Stackable Ring

Mix and match these stackable rose gold and diamond wedding bands to create your own look!

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One of the easiest and most affordable ways to change up your bridal set is to add a stackable ring. There are endless options of ring designs currently available from deBebians in a variety of price ranges. It is fun to add a new plain ring or diamond ring so that you can mix and match various rings depending on the occasion and your mood.

A stackable ring is the perfect gift for a significant birthday, after the birth of a child, or for a wedding anniversary. These rings are beautiful when worn alone, next to an engagement ring, or stacked together. You will be able to create a one-of-a-kind look.

Please browse our entire collection of plain wedding bands and diamond wedding bands to see what deBebians currently offers. If you would like recommendations on our most popular stackable rings or how to create a stack of your own, please contact a deBebians jewelry expert. Our custom jewelry team can also assist you in creating a truly custom stacking ring that will be within your budget.

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Moissanite Necklace Designs

Moissanite necklaces are quite popular.  We sell a variety of moissanite stone shapes in a variety of settings from which to choose.  We source our moissanites from Charles & Colvard, who has been at the forefront of creating moissanites for some time now.  We sell Charles & Colvard Forever One in the D-F color range, but if you are seeking a different color, perhaps the G-I range, just give us a call and we’ll see what we can do for you.

Here are some of my favorite moissanite necklaces…

  1. Forever One Oval Moissanite Necklace for Women
    Forever One Oval Moissanite Necklace for WomenThis classic floating solitaire necklace features an oval Forever One moissanite (versus a round stone that I think you more commonly see).  I love that we offer this setting two different ways, north-south and east-west.  Buy this Charles & Colvard Forever One Oval moissanite solitaire necklace and you will not be disappointed. 🙂
  2. 3mm Forever One Moissianite 7-Stone Station Necklace
    3mm Forever One Moissianite 7-Stone Station NecklaceHow about a Forever One moissanite station necklace? You have most likely seen this as a diamond version either from us, or perhaps somewhere else.  This particular moissanite necklace features 7 bezel set Forever One stones.  This necklace is something you will have for years to come.  It’s classic and timeless and can even be worn with other necklaces.  People stack rings and bracelets so why not stack some cute necklaces together?
  3. Cushion Cut Moissanite Pendant with Diamond Cushion Halo
    Cushion Cut Moissanite Pendant with Diamond Cushion HaloLooking to add a little more bling to your necklace? Well how about this cushion cut Forever One moissanite from Charles & Colvard set into a halo of round brilliant cut diamonds?  This is available with a 6.5mm center Forever One cushion moissy, but if you are interested in a different size, be sure to give us a call!

Remember to consider moissanite for your next necklace.  Today I have only highlighted a few of my favorites, but we have many more from which to choose and we’re always adding new styles.  Happy shopping!




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Affordable Engagement Ring Settings

Everyone has a different spending comfort level, your should respect yours. Style, beauty, and most importantly commitment don’t need to cost an arm and a leg. Looking for an affordable yet gorgeous diamond engagement ring setting? Look no further! Click on our website the options are almost limitless and endlessly affordable.

Here are some of my favorite settings that will be budget friendly for you:

Round Pave Engagement Ring

This classic six prong diamond accented is my absolute favorite ring ever. Made with approx. 0.25 ct of round brilliant cut diamonds, it is dainty but stunning. It is very  comfortable and safe to wear – six prongs will hold the center stone tightly. The best feature is a flush set design, this ring will allow any wedding band to fit flush with no gaps in between.

Diamond and Sapphire Accented Engagement Ring

This beautiful diamond and sapphire solitaire is very versatile , we can set many different shapes of the center stones in it – rounds, oval, cushion, emerald cut. I love the alternating pattern of diamonds and sapphires in it.

Oval Three Stone Engagement Ring with Baguettes

And the classic three stone setting that is always in style. The cold sparkle of the baguette cut diamonds will only emphasize the fire of the center stone. This simple and elegant setting will accommodate multiple cuts of the diamond as well. In my opinion a gorgeous green emerald or a deep see blue sapphire will still the show in this setting too.

Please, call us with any questions on creating custom designs of your dream ring.





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