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Morganite Promise Rings

deBebians carries a large collection of fine jewelry that is appropriate to be worn for any occasion. Our morganite ring collection, for example, offers rings that are perfect to be worn as promise rings, right hand rings, or engagement rings. … Continue reading

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August Birthstone Jewelry Trends

I cannot believe that it is August already! This is the perfect time to celebrate the birthstone of August, which is the bright green peridot. The peridot is an olivine, which scores a 6.5-7 on Mohs scale of mineral hardness. … Continue reading

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Affordable Jewelry Gifts

With such a focus on engagement rings, loose diamonds, wedding rings etc, it’s easy to sometimes overlook pieces of diamond jewelry on our site that are perfect for birthdays and anniversaries.  Many of these jewelry pieces I’m referring to are … Continue reading

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Moissanite Earrings for Her

Earrings are one of the most versatile and classic pieces of jewelry that a woman can own. Earrings can be as elaborate or as simple as you wish, with both easily being able to be dressed up or dressed down. … Continue reading

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Thin Diamond Wedding Bands

It seems like the trend these days is for dainty and delicate jewelry. It used to seem that 2mm was a thin enough ring, but recently we’re getting more and more calls for rings that are thinner, more narrow. When … Continue reading

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Double Halo Engagement Ring Designs

An engagement ring is an expression of your love and commitment to your partner. Choosing the engagement ring setting and design is an exciting process that can be made together as a couple or you can surprise your partner completely. … Continue reading

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Rose Cut Diamonds and Moissanite

Having fun playing with some of our Moissanite options! Left to right: 8.5mm Forever One Round Brilliant Cut Moissanite from Charles & Colvard, 7mm Single Rose Cut Moissanite from The Harro Gem, and a 7mm Old European Cut Moissanite from … Continue reading

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Morganite Engagement Ring Inspiration

We love morganite engagement rings because of their beauty and hue. Morganite has a peachy pink color, which is enhanced when set into rose gold. Our morganite engagement rings come in a variety of stone shapes, sizes, and designs. We … Continue reading

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Popular Engagement Ring Trends

Even though engagement rings tend to follow traditional designs, the setting styles are always evolving and changing as well. Just like any type of jewelry or fashion, there are always new and exciting trends! We love finding what our customers … Continue reading

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Top Summer Jewelry Trends of 2018

Things are officially heating up! This summer, we wanted to share the top jewelry trends that are ready for some fun in the sun! What are your favorite summer jewelry trends? Sound off in the comments below! Morganite Jewelry Is … Continue reading

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