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Human Rights Watch Warns Against Buying Diamonds from Zimbabwe

Human Rights Watch is asking consumers, nations and businesses to avoid in dealing Zimbabwe diamonds.  “Governments and companies should repudiate the decision and refuse Zimbabwean diamonds until the participants in the Kimberley Process can make a clear decision about the … Continue reading

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Kimberly Process Faces Tumultuous Uproars over Negotiations with Zimbabwe

The Kimberly Process is under fire from all sides and within as the Zimbabwe leaders and ministers, outside observers, and members from within argue and cannot come to an agreement on the state of the Marange Mines. At Thursday’s negotiations, … Continue reading

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Mozambique is ready to join the the Kimberley Process

The Mining Minsiter Esperanca Bias of Mozambique has stated that the county wishes to start mining its own diamonds soon and wants to join the Kimberley Process Diamond Certification Scheme by this December.  “Government’s idea is that we shouldn’t lose … Continue reading

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