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2017 Wedding Band Trends for Women

There are absolutely no rules when it comes to the style of women’s wedding bands. Some women adore the look of plain wedding rings, while other women desire something a little more intricate. Most women are choosing to wear a … Continue reading

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Unique Diamond Eternity Rings

Many women love a diamond eternity ring as their choice for a wedding band. They come in a variety of styles, ranging from traditional to more unique and decorative designs. Many women love to mix and match an array of … Continue reading

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Diamond Birthstone Jewelry for April

How lucky are you to be born in the month of April!  Why, you may ask? Well, it’s because diamonds are your birthstone! This means you can angle for diamond jewelry on your birthday perhaps more than say me, who … Continue reading

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Interesting Facts About the Diamonds

Most Of you might have heard about the various diamond cuts, shapes and of course the Diamond 4 C’s. But did you know that: The word ‘diamond’ derives from the Greek word ‘adamas,’ which translates to invincible or indestructible. Diamonds … Continue reading

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April 2017 Birthstone Jewelry

April is officially here, which means that this is the month of diamonds. The diamond is April’s birthstone and we have a huge collection of diamond jewelry that is available and appropriate for a birthday gift for a woman of … Continue reading

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What is a Carré Diamond?

A Carré diamond is a step cut faceted square diamond. What does this mean? This means it has longer facets that run the length of the stone. Everyone knows what an emerald cut diamond and a baguette cut diamond looks like … Continue reading

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Ask deBebians for Help with Choosing a Loose Diamond

A post shared by deBebians Fine Jewelry 💎 (@debebians) on Jan 4, 2017 at 12:03pm PST When searching for that perfect diamond for your engagement ring (or necklace, earrings, etc…), be sure to seek the advice of a professional. There … Continue reading

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Radiant Cut Diamonds

Here at deBebians, we are a huge fans of the radiant cut diamonds. It is the first square cut diamond to have a brilliant cut facet pattern – 70 facets – applied to both the crown and pavilion of the … Continue reading

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Halo Engagement Rings with Pink Diamonds

Halo engagement rings have been the choice of engagement ring since the 1920’s and have recently become popular again. A halo ring features a halo of diamonds or gemstones, which surrounds the center stone in the ring. A halo gives … Continue reading

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Pear Shaped Diamonds

While it’s not a traditional selection, pear shaped cut diamonds make lovely engagement rings. It is a beautiful cut with lots of sparkle and dramatic flair. The most common question asked about a pear shaped diamond rings is “Which way … Continue reading

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