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Affordable Black Diamond Engagement Rings

Engagement rings come in a variety of colors these days–there is no rule about what makes an engagement ring. Many women do not want the look of a traditional diamond engagement ring and that’s great! We love to be able … Continue reading

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Men’s Black Diamond Wedding Bands from deBebians

Black diamonds are one of the most modern and sought after gemstones for all fine jewelry, including wedding bands. A black diamond is also called a carbonado. We use AAA quality black diamonds for all of our jewelry and select … Continue reading

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Jewelry with Black Diamonds

In this blog I will be writing about a few different types of black diamond jewelry that we offer.  A lot of people think black diamonds are very expensive and they are actually quite affordable.  You will be shocked at … Continue reading

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Newest Black Diamond Eternity Bands

Black diamonds are a popular choice for bridal and anniversary jewelry due to the unique color and affordability of the stone. We have a beautiful array of black diamond jewelry, including eternity bands. I have selected three of our newest … Continue reading

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Big Hero 6 Inspired Jewelry Part 2

And now we have part two of the jewelry/gemstone ideas that remind us of Big Hero 6 because the jewelry that matters most to you are the ones that have a personal meaning. Honey Lemon – Pink Sapphire This might … Continue reading

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New Item! Gemstone Solitaire Pendants

Freshly posted to our site as of last night are our gemstone solitaire pendants!  Some of our classic floating diamond pendant styles can now be set with a ruby, sapphire, or black diamond.  This adds some extra color, spice, and … Continue reading

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Favorite Black Diamond Engagement Rings from deBebians

Black diamond engagement rings are beautiful alternative and unique engagement rings. Black diamonds have become popular choices for engagement rings and other bridal jewelry because of the rich color and deep symbolism of the black diamond. Black diamonds represent strength … Continue reading

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Maggie’s Favorites: Black Diamond Jewelry

Black diamonds are becoming more and more popular.  I am seeing black diamonds used a lot more in engagement rings and/or wedding bands.  At first I was a little bit surprised at their popularity but I guess I am a … Continue reading

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Precious Gemstones for Birthstones

Birthstones have always been a popular choice in jewelry worn in all different types and styles from rings to earrings.  This also makes them exceptional gift choices for any occasion for birthdays especially, but for holidays, anniversaries, and more.  This … Continue reading

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