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Sam is one of the deBebians co-owners, a GIA Graduate Gemologist, and the company's head designer. Adept at combining imagination with what is practically possible in modern jewelry design, he is able to bring our clients' dream jewelry to life. You can email him at

Pavé Basket Engagement Rings

I am writing this blog for those who appreciate rings with diamonds on the basket and for those who want to see what it looks like to have micro pavé diamonds on the basket. What is the basket of an … Continue reading

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What is a Carré Diamond?

A Carré diamond is a step cut faceted square diamond. What does this mean? This means it has longer facets that run the length of the stone. Everyone knows what an emerald cut diamond and a baguette cut diamond looks like … Continue reading

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Trapezoid Diamond Engagement Rings

I love designing and manufacturing trapezoid diamond engagement rings. A lot of people think manufacturing and designing a trapezoid engagement ring is very easy because the majority of these rings only have a handful of diamonds. However, this is not … Continue reading

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14kt White Gold versus 14kt Super White Gold

What is 14kt white gold? There is no such thing as white gold. All jewelers get pure gold (24 karat gold) and mix it with nickel and other white alloys to achieve an off-white metal. To be 14 karat gold, … Continue reading

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Master Hand Engraving

I am very proud of our master hand engraver.  Hand engraving can be done on any type of jewelry.  Below you will find a few different examples of what our master hand engraver has done in the past. Signet Rings … Continue reading

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High Quality Engagement Rings

A lot of people don’t know this about us but we started out as a jewelry manufacturer for various jewelry stores. Even to this day, a huge portion of our sales go to fine jewelry stores. In my professional opinion, … Continue reading

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Custom Diamond Eternity Rings & Bands

I love designing and manufacturing custom diamond eternity rings and bands.  Clients who call and speak to me always tell me I have the passion to manufacture custom rings.  I always think outside the box and try to come up … Continue reading

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Engraving Options for Signet Rings

At deBebians we have three different engraving options for the face of the signet ring.  On top of that, we can engrave any custom design your heart desires. Computer Engraving Above you will see an example of our computer engraved … Continue reading

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Petite Engagement Rings

 Petite engagement rings are becoming more and more popular.  The one thing I keep hearing from all my clients is, “I want a petite ring”.  Trends and popularity in engagement rings change constantly.  I understand why people like petite engagement … Continue reading

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