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Saida is a deBebians fine jewelry expert. When she's not assisting customers in our downtown LA showroom, she can be found helping customers via phone and live chat.

Graduation Gifts Part I

Is someone in your life getting ready to don a cap and gown? High school and college graduates, elementary school and advanced-degree graduates–all of them deserve recognition of their achievements and no graduate is too old or too young to … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s day is a celebration honoring the mother of the family, as well as maternal bonds, motherhood in general, and the influence of mothers in society. It is celebrated on various days in many parts of the world, most commonly … Continue reading

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Most Romantic Proposal Spots in Los Angeles

I think spring is the most beautiful season in Los Angeles because the streets and parks are breathtaking with all the blooming trees and flowers. Love is in the air and Los Angeles is a perfect place to have an … Continue reading

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Wedding Bands

Engagement rings and wedding bands are more than beautiful, sparkling pieces of jewelry. They are symbols of your love and future and should be treated with care and respect. Wedding bands are exchanged between partners during a wedding ceremony. They … Continue reading

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Interesting Facts About the Diamonds

Most Of you might have heard about the various diamond cuts, shapes and of course the Diamond 4 C’s. But did you know that: The word ‘diamond’ derives from the Greek word ‘adamas,’ which translates to invincible or indestructible. Diamonds … Continue reading

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Aquamarine is a birthstone for the month of March and also a gemstone used to celebrate the 19th wedding anniversary. Aquamarine’s name comes from Latin meaning “seawater.” Aquamarine is similar to an emerald and comes from Beryl family. In the … Continue reading

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Top Diamond Producing Countries in the World

Diamonds are the most beautiful and precious stones that can enhance the beauty of the wearer. It is considered to be a symbol of pure love, status, and royalty. Most natural diamonds are formed from high temperatures and pressure in … Continue reading

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Yellow Diamonds

Not all the yellow diamonds are rare, but some tints are. The more colorful the diamond, the less common it is and its value rises accordingly. There are many color grades for yellow diamonds, varying from faint yellow to fancy … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day Legends

I think Valentine’s day is one of the most favorite holidays in our country–it is certainly one of mine! The origin dates centuries back and there are so many versions of the story. My favorite one is below. Valentine was … Continue reading

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Radiant Cut Diamonds

Here at deBebians, we are a huge fans of the radiant cut diamonds. It is the first square cut diamond to have a brilliant cut facet pattern – 70 facets – applied to both the crown and pavilion of the … Continue reading

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