Emerald Cut Jewelry for Celebrating May

mayWith May comes the green emerald gemstone birthstone.  Here at deBebians, we don’t carry too much green emerald jewelry, but we do carry emerald cut diamonds.  Woot!  A stretch, maybe, but if you have a birthday or special event in May, why not consider emerald cut diamonds instead of green emeralds.

Here are some of my most favorite emerald cut diamond pieces of jewelry from deBebians.

  1. Eternity Band with Emerald Cut Diamonds
    Eternity Band with Emerald Cut DiamondsThis 4.00cttw emerald cut diamond eternity ring is breathtaking.  Each diamond is hand sorted to match length, width, color, clarity and faceting.  The layout is reviewed by at least one of our staff GIA gemologists.  This, in my opinion, is what makes the ultimate eternity ring.  You can wear this emerald cut diamond eternity ring as your wedding ring or right hand ring.
  2. Emerald Cut Diamond Solitaire Necklace
    Emerald Cut Diamond Solitaire NecklaceThis emerald cut diamond solitaire necklace is super pretty! To me, it’s a simple twist on the classic round diamond floating solitaire necklace.   You can choose any size emerald cut diamond for this piece or perhaps consider a moissanite, Charles & Colvard or Harro Gem.  You can’t go wrong with this every day necklace.
  3. Diamond 5 Stone Ring in Emerald Cut
    Diamond 5 Stone Ring in Emerald CutIf you’re not into eternity rings, you should be sure to consider a five stone ring. With a five stone ring, depending on the size of the diamonds, the stones will pretty much just be on the topside of your finger.  Some of my clients prefer this as they feel like the diamonds are more protected.  I chose this 5 stone emerald cut diamond ring because each diamond is 0.40ct.

If you have a birthday or special anniversary in May, maybe try to spin it so you can get emerald cut diamonds instead of green emeralds.  Don’t get me wrong, I love emeralds!  I’m just saying I love diamonds, too!  If you need help selecting that ultimate emerald gift, look no further.  Contact us for help!

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About Maggie

Maggie is a deBebians co-founder and one of our staff GIA Graduate Gemologists. Her area of expertise is helping clients with their search for that elusive, immaculate diamond that will fit their budget. It is through her incredible skill in this area that we have had many customers come away feeling gratified by their shopping experience with our company. You can email her at maggie@debebians.com.
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