Large Family Crest Signet Rings

Recently, I had the pleasure to design a beautiful large family crest signet ring for one of our clients. The client started off emailing me their family crest and requested a large signet ring. She sent me a few signet ring pictures that had a family crest on them to give me an idea of what she was hoping for. After seeing the sample signet rings with lack of detailing, I knew I would blow her socks off. Below you will see the picture of her family crest.

family crestThe larger the family crest the more details I can add to the signet ring. We discussed different sizes for the face of the family crest and then I started to work on the design. Within 5 business days, I created a 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design) and emailed her the CAD. Below you will find the 3D CAD I sent the client.

Family Crest RingMy client was very impressed with the detailing on the large signet ring CAD. She gave me the approval and I started the manufacturing process. We have a state of the art 3D printer that printed the ring. After the ring printed on our 3D printer, the ring went to casting. In this case the customer requested 14kt white gold.

We then polished the ring and that’s when the magic happens. Even though the ring looks amazing after we polished it, we took it to another level and had our master hand engraver go over the family crest and make it even nicer.

Below you will find the final product.  This ring was a true work of art and I know we are very lucky to have such a skilled hand engraver to finish this masterpiece for us.

family crest signet ringsThe customer received the large signet ring and she was extremely impressed with the fine craftsmanship of the piece. She even asked us to manufacture the family crest as pendants for her children because she loved it so much.

Let us help you design the perfect family crest signet ring.

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Sam is one of the deBebians co-owners, a GIA Graduate Gemologist, and the company's head designer. Adept at combining imagination with what is practically possible in modern jewelry design, he is able to bring our clients' dream jewelry to life. You can email him at
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