How to Monogram Your Piece of Jewelry from DeBebians

Here at deBebians, we sell a lot of jewelry that can be monogrammed including signet rings and personalized gold necklaces. Often times, I see clients enter the order of initials for the monogram in the incorrect order. Of course, you can monogram your piece of jewelry in any order you would like, but here is the typical way to do it.

For three initials, typically the first name initial goes on the left. The next initial in the monogram is the first initial of the last name (typically this center initial is larger than the other two). The third initial is the first initial of the middle name.

Monogram Jewelry In this case, the letters appear from left to right as LLE. An example of the customer’s name could be Laura Elizabeth Lee. The center larger initial in the monogram is the first initial of the last name.  Typically the center initial of the monogram (first initial of the last name) appears larger than the other two initials.

Monogram Signet RingIf you are about to be married (or are married) and would like to do a couple’s monogram, this is a bit different than the one we just discussed. Look at the ring above, for example. The initials from left to right appear as JSE. In this case the bride’s name could be Jessica and the groom’s name could be Edward. The groom’s last name could be Smith. So in this case, the initials would be done from left to right as JSE.

If you need assistance or have a question about monogramming your piece of jewelry, please do not hesitate to call on us. We will gladly assist you and make sure that your monogram appears as it should. Happy shopping!





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