Diamond Signet Rings

At deBebians.com we specialize in custom diamond signet rings. I personally designed many custom diamond signet rings. I have designed diamond initial signet rings, diamond framed rings and many other designs. All I need from you is a vision and I will make that into realty. Many times I will even make it more beautiful than you could have imagined it.

Below you will find a signet ring that the customer wanted us to micro pavé a very thin rim of diamonds and have enough room to hand engrave her initials.

Diamond Signet Ring

If you look at the diamond signet ring below you will see a ring with two flush diamonds outside of the initial. The letters on the inside was hand engraved by our master hand engraver.

Custom Diamond Signet RingNow this is a very unique process. We designed the signet ring using our 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design) program. This client wanted the initials raised and a diamond accent on the signet ring. On a job like this the 3D CAD is emailed to the client for approval.  If the CAD is approved we take it into manufacturing. If the client wants to make a modification this is the time the modification takes place.

Custom Signet Rings

I love receiving emails for custom diamond signet ring designs. Don’t hesitate to call or email me.


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About Sam

Sam is one of the deBebians co-owners, a GIA Graduate Gemologist, and the company's head designer. Adept at combining imagination with what is practically possible in modern jewelry design, he is able to bring our clients' dream jewelry to life. You can email him at sam@debebians.com.
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