Oval Eternity Ring East West

Oval diamonds are very popular because of Blake Lively’s oval engagement ring. We have been getting a lot of custom order requests with oval diamonds. A request I am getting on a weekly basis is for an oval eternity ring with the diamonds set east-west. Manufacturing and designing an oval eternity ring is very difficult. First of all I have to sort for color, clarity and cut. Once all the oval diamonds are sorted for color, clarity and cut I would then have to find the perfect ratios. Below you will find some useful information on oval ratios.

oval ratios

Every east-west oval diamond eternity ring is designed using our 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design) program. This way I can ensure every single oval diamond will sit in the mounting like a glove. On top of that an eternity ring can get a little uncomfortable if the diamonds get too big. Using the 3D CAD I can design the ring so the culet or the point of the diamond is slightly off the finger. If the culet of the oval diamond touches the finger it can irritate the finger and if the oval diamond is sitting way off the finger it can bother the fingers.

Oval East West Eternity Ring

Above you will find a beautiful custom oval eternity ring with the diamonds set east-west.  The estimated carat total weight of this ring is 1.90 carat total weight. Designing an east-west oval diamond eternity ring can be manufactured with much larger stones and because we are setting the oval diamonds east west the carat weight doesn’t increase as much as a round diamond eternity ring.

Let me help you design your custom east west oval diamond eternity ring.





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