14kt White Gold versus 14kt Super White Gold

white gold wedding bandsWhat is 14kt white gold?

There is no such thing as white gold. All jewelers get pure gold (24 karat gold) and mix it with nickel and other white alloys to achieve an off-white metal. To be 14 karat gold, we need to achieve a 58.5% pure gold content. Therefore, we get this off-white or slightly yellowish color once 14kt white gold is cast. To make the ring white in color, we plate the ring with rhodium. Rhodium is a pure white metal and is in the family of platinum. All 14kt and 18kt white gold rings are rhodium plated to achieve that beautiful white color.  Because rhodium plating is a plating process the rhodium will wear off over time and the off white color will begin to show. On engagement rings, rhodium plating will last between 6 months to 2 years depending on wear. The rhodium plating process can be done without removing diamonds or colored stones.

14kt Super White

14kt Super White is what we recommend on all engagement rings and wedding bands if our clients are interested in white gold (14kt or 18kt). Our Super White requires no rhodium plating and is pure white in color. The main reason a lot of clients don’t like white gold is because the rhodium plating wears off and the yellowish gold color is seen. With our Super White Gold you will never have this problem. For clients who are looking for white gold engagement rings and wedding bands, please make sure you consider purchasing your rings in Super White gold. You will be very happy with this option.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions about our Super White.




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