Broaden Your Loose Diamond Search for Better Options

loose diamond searchWhen shopping for a certified loose diamond, make sure to broaden your search to include a little more than what you think you want. You may find a better option or even possibly save some money. Here’s a tip… if you are on a budget and think you want a 1.00ct round diamond, perhaps dropping below the 1.00ct mark could help you save a buck or two and you really can’t even tell the difference. For example, I just ran a search for a client and presented the following two options:

Option 1: 1.01ct F color VS2 clarity GIA certified excellent cut round brilliant diamond. It measures 6.51 x 6.56mm and currently sells for $7,316.21

Option 2: 0.90ct F color VS2 clarity GIA certified excellent cut round brilliant diamond. It measures 6.24 x 6.26mm (yes, a pinch smaller), but it currently sells for $5715.54.

That is a difference is $1600.00!! Yes, you are not getting a 1.00ct diamond BUT you just saved a lot of money! The difference can pay for your engagement ring setting, your wedding band or even a give you a few extra nights on your honeymoon! Yes, you will not want to come back to reality! The diamonds I chose have the same color and clarity and both are excellent cuts graded by GIA so you are really comparing apples to apples… or diamonds to diamonds! 🙂

Be sure to be open-minded when searching for a certified loose diamond. You may have your heart set on one thing but broadening your search may help you find that perfect diamond! It’s always worth it just to see what else is out there!

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About Maggie

Maggie is a deBebians co-founder and one of our staff GIA Graduate Gemologists. Her area of expertise is helping clients with their search for that elusive, immaculate diamond that will fit their budget. It is through her incredible skill in this area that we have had many customers come away feeling gratified by their shopping experience with our company. You can email her at
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