deBebians Jewelry Appraisals

When you purchase an item from over $1,000, we will provide you with a written appraisal by one of our staff GIA graduate gemologists. This appraisal will give a detailed description of your item. Everything from a detailed description to a photograph of your item to the current retail replacement value will be listed on the appraisal. This is what you will need in order to have your piece of jewelry insured.   Please note that if you make a purchase under $1,000, you can request for us to do an appraisal on your item at no cost.

Here is a sample appraisal for you to see:

jewelry appraisal los angelesNote how we break down the information as much as possible to give you detailed information on your item. Total carat weight, color, clarity, side diamond information, metal etc are all listed. If you choose to insure your item, your insurance company will ask for this document as it provides the current retail replacement value.

Things to keep in mind:

  1. Keep this appraisal in a safe place
  2. Have the appraisal updated every few years
  3. Make sure that the appraisal is done by a graduate gemologist
  4. Send a copy of your appraisal and be sure to keep the original

Please keep in mind that we also offer appraisal services. If you have jewelry and would like it appraised, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Follow this link for more information on our appraisal services.

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About Maggie

Maggie is a deBebians co-founder and one of our staff GIA Graduate Gemologists. Her area of expertise is helping clients with their search for that elusive, immaculate diamond that will fit their budget. It is through her incredible skill in this area that we have had many customers come away feeling gratified by their shopping experience with our company. You can email her at
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