Is Rihanna Engaged to Chris Brown?

The buzz from the Grammys still has not died down, especially one rumor in particular, that Rihanna and Chris Brown are engaged.  The couple was quite cozy and affectionate during the ceremony, which was received by viewers with mixed reviews.  When Rihanna took to the stage to perform, she was wearing a plain diamond band on her left finger, which left Twitter fans in frenzy.  Many speculated that this was a diamond engagement ring.

The rumor has not been confirmed by Rihanna or Chris Brown’s publicists, but E! is reporting that the rumor is false, for now.  This should come to as a relief to the fans that are concerned about Rihanna’s well-being.  Rihanna was assaulted by Chris Brown in 2009 before that year’s Grammys.  The couple had split soon after, but have recently reconciled to the dismay of many.

Did you watch this year’s Grammys?  What do you think about Rihanna reconciling with Chris Brown?

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