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Platinum Mens Wedding Bands: Best Hypoallergenic Wedding Bands

Many people suffer from metal allergies, including nickel allergies.  Your skin may become itchy, irritated, or even turn green from a reaction to nickel found in much jewelry, including white gold.  The best hypoallergenic metal is platinum.  Not only are … Continue reading

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A Men Signet Ring: The Best Gift for Him

Finding the perfect holiday for him can be quite easy if you select something that is classic as well as elegantly timeless.  One such gift is the men signet ring.  These rings are have been a staple in men’s jewelry … Continue reading

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Wedding Band Guide for Men: Platinum Mens Wedding Bands

Mens platinum wedding band FAQ There are many benefits to selecting platinum mens wedding bands rather than rings made from other types of precious metals.  In this platinum ring FAQ, it will be easy to see the benefits of wearing … Continue reading

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A Signet Ring for Men: A Timeless Holiday Gift

Giving gifts during the holidays can seem a bit overwhelming if you are not certain on your loved one’s particular tastes or style.  Sometime a gift can lose its novelty just after a few days or after the holiday season … Continue reading

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Best Bridesmaid Gifts: Diamond Station Necklaces

Asking your closest friends and members of your family to be your bridesmaids is special for you as well as those that you asked.  They have stood by you throughout your life as well as this relationship and have supported … Continue reading

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What are Your Favorite Diamond Cuts for Eternity Wedding Rings?

There is no piece of jewelry that is quite as striking as eternity wedding rings. What kind of diamond cut is your favorite for this romantic type of jewelry? The princess cut eternity band is a favorite style among women. … Continue reading

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Favorite Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Your wedding anniversary is an important part of the year that each couple should celebrate together.  How do you plan on celebrating? What are your favorite wedding anniversary gifts that you have ever received? A couple becomes stronger each year … Continue reading

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Jewelry Education – Diamond Color

Diamond color is one of the 4 C’s used in diamond grading.  This term refers to the actual body color of a diamond and grades diamonds that are in the “normal color range”.  Diamonds are graded on a scale of … Continue reading

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What are Your Favorite Pieces of Jewelry?

The love affair between women and their jewelry is nothing new.  In fact, most women have a few staple pieces of jewelry that they enjoy wearing each and every day.  These are timeless pieces of jewelry that can be worn … Continue reading

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