Last Chance to Save: Final Days of Our Anniversary Sale

sale engagement ringsdeBebians turned 10 years old this year! This is a huge accomplishment and we have had a great time highlighting this special time during our anniversary sale event! Amid this sale, most of our engagement ring settings are available for an additional 10% off! During checkout, use coupon code 10YEARS to claim your additional savings. To learn more about how deBebians fine jewelry first got started, please read this blog post from co-owner Maggie.

Monday August 3, 2015 is the last day to take advantage of this spectacular sales event. Halo, double halo, diamond accented, solitaire, and yellow diamond engagement ring settings are each included in our 10 Year Anniversary Sale.

If you would like assistance in finding a loose diamond, I recommend using our Personal Diamond Shopper form. Our GIA graduate gemologists can assist you in finding an array of stones that fit into your budget and our high quality standards. Please contact a deBebians jewelry expert with any questions that you may have before placing your order. We again wanted to thank each and every single one of our customers for ten years of support! We can’t wait to see where the next ten years bring us.

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Ladies Gold Signet Rings from deBebians

Gold Signet Ring

Style # SRRS277

A signet ring is a great piece of jewelry for you or for someone else. You can personalize the item by adding a monogram on the top face as well as add engraving to the inside of the ring. When you shop for signet rings with, we have super helpful filters on the main signet ring page. Here is our main page for ladies signet rings.

The first thing to consider is the face shape you are seeking. Personally I prefer the oval shape. The next thing to filter by would be price. This way you can sort them from low to high price. :) In my opinion, the next filter to select is the back type. We offer two different back types, solid and open. Check out this previous blog post to read more about the difference between the two and to see exactly for yourself which design you want. We sell both back types and it ultimately comes down to personal preference.

Once you have selected your signet ring, the next thing to consider is engraving. We offer three different options for engraving as well as four different engraving styles (or layouts). You can choose from computer engraving, laser engraving or hand engraving. Prices and look vary so be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the product page where it says ‘engraving time tables and real photo examples’. Here you can click to view different engraving examples. My favorite is the hand engraving and while I know it’s more expensive, it’s very classic and timeless. Once you select your engraving option, you need to consider the engraving style. My preference is #4 but #3 is also quite popular. Remember that the initial for your last name goes as the center initial in the monogram.   We ask that you enter the initials in the exact order you want them to appear from left to right on the monogram. For example, if your name is Jane Elizabeth Smith, enter JSE. You can now also personalize your signet ring even further by adding an engraving to the inside of the band.

If you need help with a signet ring and/or have any questions for us, do not hesitate to call on us.

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Purchasing a Diamond Based on a Diamond’s Optics

ASET sample image

ASET sample image. Source: American Gem Society

This past week I worked with a customer who was interested in a round brilliant cut diamond and asked if I could provide an ASET image. An ASET image is a light performance picture that was introduced by the American Gemological Society as a tool to show how light behaves in a particular diamond. AGS is a competing gemological laboratory to the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), and they use ASET images to show how the diamond interacts with light in order to reflect the overall cut grade. The name ASET stands for Angular Spectrum Evaluation Tool, and evaluates light performance as confirmed by the cut.

My customer was interested in a 1.70ct excellent cut diamond, but was concerned about discrepancies in sparkle between GIA excellent cut options. He had looked at diamonds locally and felt that the excellent cut was not consistent among the stones he looked at. The diamond I selected for him was a 1.70ct G color, VS2 clarity with excellent cut, excellent polish, & excellent symmetry, also known as a triple X. Triple X diamonds from the GIA are considered the brightest, liveliest diamonds one can purchase. Unfortunately, being a GIA certified diamond, we were unable to provide the customer with an ASET image. Despite the premium quality of the stone, the customer was still not convinced that the diamond would perform as well as other excellent cut options.

holloway resultsThe story ends not with an ASET test, but rather a different diamond cut grade test alltogether. This test proved to my customer that the GIA’s excellent cut grade was accurate. The Holloway Cut Adviser is a different tool to evaluate a diamond’s cut. The Holloway Cut Adviser rates diamond cut on a scale of 0-10, whereby most people prefer stones that rate 1-2 on the scale. 0-2 constitutes an excellent cut grade, although a score of zero is unlikely because of the factors conflict with each other. For example, fire and brilliance conversely affect one another. Above are the results of the diamond that I recommended, which even surprised myself as how well it scored :) I guess I really know how to pick them!

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Pear Double Halo Engagement Rings

Currently, select engagement ring styles are on sale during our 10 year anniversary sale! We are offering an additional 10% off of most engagement ring settings when you use coupon code 10YEARS during checkout. Included in this sale, one of our most coveted and popular collections, is our double halo engagement rings. Today I am showcasing our pear-shaped double halo rings. However, since we manufacture each ring ourselves, we can also customize any of our settings not shown for a pear-shaped diamond or gemstone. Learn more about our custom jewelry design and contact one of our jewelry experts at your convenience.

Pear Double Halo Engagement Rings

pear double halo engagement ring double halo engagement rings pear engagement rings pink diamonds pink sapphire accented pear engagement ring yellow diamond accented pear engagement ring pear double halo engagement ring setting

1. Pear Baby Split Double Halo Engagement Ring, currently starts at $2,110.00

2. Pear Double Halo Engagement Ring, currently starts at $1,890.00

3. Pink Diamond Double Halo Engagement Ring for Pear Diamond, currently starts at $4,010.00

4. Pink Sapphire Two Tone Pear Double Halo Engagement Ring for Diamond, currently starts at $2,130.00

5. Yellow Diamond Double Halo Engagement Ring for Pear Diamond, currently starts at $2,715.00

6. Pear Low Split Double Halo Engagement Ring, currently starts at $2,390.00

To learn more about each engagement ring setting that is shown, please follow the above link or simply click on the desired image. Please browse all of our double halo engagement rings to see our full collection that is offered. Our 10 year anniversary sale ends ends Monday August 3rd, 2015.

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Congratulations to Shawn Johnson and Andrew East!

This past weekend Olympic gold medalist, Shawn Johnson, and Kansas City Chiefs player, Andrew East, got engaged at a Chicago Cubs game.

The happy moment was captured on the Cubs’ Instagram.

A video posted by cubs (@cubs) on

Johnson later posted her own photos and a photo of the ring to her own Instagram account.

A photo posted by Shawn Johnson (@shawnjohnson) on

The ring looks to have a single prong style band that is similar to two of the rings we have on our own site.  The one on the left looks the most similar because it is set with a round diamond in a six prong head, but either design can be set with any shaped diamond of your liking.

Style # HEK1007 & HEK1011

Style # HEK1007 & HEK1011

Both are single prong style as well with scalloped baskets sitting beneath each diamond, but as we can’t tell how far down the band Johnson’s rings go, both styles are great candidates to emulate her celebrity style.

Congratulations again to the happy couple!

We hope you enjoyed this look at some recent news in celebrity engagement ring styles. We have a whole gallery dedicated to rings worn by the stars, so be sure to check it out!

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Wide Men’s Wedding Bands

deBebians carries a variety of men’s wedding bands, which come in various metal types, widths, and styles. We design and manufacture rings from 2mm all the way up to 10mm. For men that prefer a wider ring, I will be highlighting our 9 and 10mm ring designs today. Please view our entire collection of plain men’s rings and utilize the drop-down menus that are provided to easily navigate the different options that are available. Each of these wide men’s bands is a beautiful representation of the love and commitment that will be declared on your wedding day.

1. Palladium Milgrained Wedding Ring for Men

Wide Men's Rings

Style # PL-9MM

This 9mm comfort fit band is finished with milgrain detailing. Milgrain detail is added at the end of the manufacturing process and resembles small, metal beads. This embellishment gives the ring a bit of an antique look.

2. 10mm Flat Wedding Ring in 14k

Men's Wide Wedding Rings

Style # BM10F14

This 10mm ring is available in yellow, white, or rose gold 14 kt. The band is wide and resembles the look of a cigar band.

3. 10mm Traditional Wedding Ring in 18 Karat Gold

Wide Rings for Men

Style # BM10P18

Created out of 18 karat gold (white or yellow), this ring has a classic domed design. A domed ring is the most popular choice, but the broad width gives the ring a distinctive twist on an otherwise classic ring.

4. Platinum Wedding Ring Beveled 9mm

Wide Wedding Bands

Style # BM9BPT

A beveled edge design gives a wedding band extra shine to draw people’s attention and gaze. This ring is shown here in platinum, which is one of the most valuable and sought after precious metals.

Each of these plain men’s bands may be completed with your choice of finishes (high polished, brushed, or hammered). These rings are manufactured to order and have a relatively quick processing time, so please let us know if you are working with a tight deadline when you place your order. Interested in designing something custom? Learn more about our custom jewelry design process.

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A Look at deBebians Quality Control Practices

deBebians Fine JewelryBefore any piece of jewelry leaves our office, it is inspected multiple times throughout the manufacturing process. From the initial inspection after the piece is cast to the end final product, we examine every aspect of the piece. It is because of this attention to detail and constant inspection that our jewelry is the way it is, which is timeless and beautiful!

Here is an in-depth look at our inspection process:

  1. The CAD (if needed) is compared side by side to the piece of jewelry (actual or the product photo from This first step is critical in making sure that the piece of jewelry is designed properly and correctly. We check widths, finger size, number of diamonds, estimated total carat weight, etc. All the details must be correct from the start.
  2. The cast piece (now in raw form) is inspected by our in-house jeweler and jewelry designer to check for any manufacturing defects. Here we check for porosity and missing prongs that perhaps didn’t make it through the casting process or broke off. This is another critical piece to jewelry manufacturing that cannot be overlooked.
  3. Diamonds and gemstones are hand sorted by an in-house staff GIA graduate gemologist. Diamonds and gemstones can vary in terms of color, clarity, faceting, mm size, and carat weight. For example, if we are manufacturing a radiant diamond eternity ring, we initially lay out all the diamonds so that they can be measured, checked for color/clarity, and ultimately weighed to make sure everything is consistent. If one thing is overlooked, the piece may ‘suffer’ and may not be the best it can be at the end. Below these points I have included a review from a customer who bought a radiant eternity band from us and had it inspected by her own, independent appraiser.
  4. The next step is for our in-house polishers and jewelers to do their magic! The piece of jewelry is polished and the diamonds and/or gemstones are set. Next, any finishing touches, including rhodium (if needed), are now done. Getting close…the piece of jewelry is almost finished!
  5. Once our jewelers have finished, the item goes to another in-house gemologist for a detailed microscope inspection to be completed. The prongs are inspected to ensure that they are the same size and to make sure that they are holding the diamonds securely. We also inspect each and every individual diamond and gemstone to make sure that nothing is loose or chipped. Finger size is checked and we make sure the proper metal stamps are inside the piece of jewelry.
  6. The last step is our final quality control (QC) before the piece ships. Once again the item is inspected to make sure everything is correct and all is perfect! An insured shipping label is created and voila, the piece is off! :)

Below is one of our many positive jewelry reviews. This review demonstrates our attention to detail and dedication to quality.

deBebians testimonialsThere are many stages to our jewelry manufacturing process. Each aspect of the jewelry making process is monitored and closely inspected by many along the way during manufacturing. We pride ourselves on beautiful fine jewelry and without this attention to detail our work wouldn’t be the same. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions. Happy shopping!

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Tips for Writing Your Own Wedding Vows

Personalized Wedding VowsSome couples choose to stray from the more traditional route and wish to write their own wedding vows. By writing your own wedding vows, it is easy to add a meaningful touch to the ceremony and let both of your personalities shine on your special day. Today, we will be discussing the steps that it takes in creating wedding vows that will not only wow your partner, but also your audience.

Step 1. Speak to your officiant

Before planning your wedding vows, it is important to get clearance from your officiant. Once you find out that it is acceptable, it is time to fully begin the process.

Step 2. Discuss tone and format with your partner

We recommend first speaking to your partner before any writing takes place. Will you two choose to be poetic? Romantic? Perhaps you’d both love to add a little humor to your vows to liven the mood. Some couples choose to write completely separate vows while others will both recite the same customized vows to one another. Other couples may choose to do a hybrid of traditional and personalized vows. Finally, as a couple you must decide if you wish to keep your vows a secret from one another until your wedding ceremony.

Step 3. Reflect on your love and relationship

Take some notes to find inspiration directly from your relationship. How did you meet and what were your first impressions when you met your partner? What hard times have you been through as a couple? When did you realize you were in love or when did you know that you had met your future husband or wife? These tough questions will assist you in writing earnest wedding vows that will be able to fully illustrate your love and commitment.

Step 4. Make promises to your future spouse

Come up with a list of promises to make to your partner. These can be serious or you may choose to include ones that are humorous. Examples would be to never go to bed angry, to always let your partner have the last piece of pie, or to sing their favorite song when they are sick. Your vows can be specific or more general, but always remember who your audience is and don’t include too many inside jokes or you may lose the audience’s attention.

Step 5. Practice makes perfect

Write out your wedding vows and send them to your close friends or loved ones for some feedback. Once your vows are set, make sure you practice. By speaking aloud, you will be able to eliminate any awkward sentences or tongue-twisters. This is also the perfect time to practice your delivery, make sure the vows aren’t too long (we recommend a two minute time limit), and practice any hand gestures you’d like to add.

Step 6. Make a clean copy

For the wedding day, print or write a fresh copy of your vows. Remember, the piece of paper that you use will end up in your wedding photos so it is important to ensure that the piece of paper is tasteful and presentable. You can always hold onto the paper as a romantic keepsake to put in a scrapbook or your wedding album when it is all said and done.

Do you have any more recommendations for writing your wedding vows? Let us know in the comments because we’d love to hear them!

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Custom Moissanite Earrings

deBebians recently started carrying Forever Brilliant ® Moissanite from Charles & Colvard. This unique mineral is brilliant, stunning, and an affordable stone option when compared to a diamond. I wanted to treat myself (I was inspired by Tom and Donna from Parks and Recreation) and decided to have deBebians manufacture a pair of moissanite studs that will be perfect to wear each and every day.

Forever Brilliant StudsSince I love rose gold, I knew that I wanted rose gold studs, but with a modern twist. I decided to go with a bezel setting that features a martini basket. The bezel setting is secure and adds width to the earrings, which gives them a larger appearance. The martini basket allows the earrings to be worn snug against my ears while also being incredibly comfortable. My earlobes are quite small, which I never noticed until I started this project. I decided to purchase 5.5mm moissanites so that the stones would be large enough to be seen, but not too large to overwhelm my small earlobes. A round 5.5 moissanite is approximately the size of a 0.60 carat diamond. After I received the finished product, I knew that I had chosen the perfect size for me.

Rose Gold Moissanite StudsThe overall process was fun and relatively quick. After I chose the stones, our head jewelry designer created a custom CAD design for the 5.5mm stones and then printed the waxes for casting. The waxes can be seen in the above photo on the left. From start to finish, this project took approximately two weeks and I have worn my new earrings almost every single day since I received them. I love that I can wear and enjoy my earrings without being concerned of losing one due to the expense of replacing an earring.

My stud earrings are made from 14 karat rose gold and were approximately 1/3 of the cost of a pair of stud earrings. For diamonds of equivalent size and quality, these earrings would have cost approximately $3,100. However, the moissanite version would sell for approximately $964.00. Since moissanite scores a 9.25 on Mohs scale of mineral hardness, I don’t have to worry about the stones becoming dull or cloudy over time.

If you are interested in creating a pair of custom moissanite earrings or other piece of custom fine jewelry, please contact our jewelry experts at your convenience. I can speak from personal experience that working with deBebians is an easy and exciting process.

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