Favorite Recently Purchased Cushion Cut Halo Engagement Rings

Bel Dia specializes in halo engagement rings, which come in a variety of different styles and shapes. One of the reasons that the Bel Dia Collection is so sought after is because we can manufacture or customize the settings for any stone shape or size. Today, I wanted to highlight cushion cut diamonds and gemstones that are set in a halo setting. Cushion cut diamonds and gemstones are striking and I love that they are a little unexpected. Below are three of my favorite cushion cut engagement rings that were recently purchased from deBebians.

1. Cushion Cut Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

cushion halo engagement rings

Style # HG5932

This cushion halo ring is shown with a 1.33 carat center stone. The milgrain detail gives the ring a vintage look and feel while the pave set diamonds add extra sparkle and shine to the piece. This is one of our most popular halo ring settings due to its elegance and classic styling.

2. Five Carat Morganite Engagement Ring

custom morganite engagement ring

Custom morganite engagement ring.

This engagement ring is actually one of our most recent custom pieces. We specialize in creating bespoke engagement rings. This particular ring was created to hold a 5.50 carat morganite. If you are interested in receiving a free price quote for a custom engagement ring, our jewelry design experts would love to assist you.

3. Diamond Accented Cushion Halo Engagement Ring

cushion diamond halo engagement rings

Style # HE210

This diamond halo has a more bubbly appearance because the shape of the round brilliant accent diamonds is accentuated. Though this setting is ideal for a wide variety of stone shapes, I think that the overall design of the ring complements the cushion shape beautifully.

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Fine Jewelry Care

fine jewelry careEarlier this year, I wrote a blog about what NOT to do with your engagement ring and jewelry. I talked about not wearing your jewelry to the gym or even worse in my opinion, the beach! Just recently I was celebrating 4th of July in Ocean City, Maryland with family and friends. One of my oldest and dearest friends and I were swimming in the ocean, playing around and even riding waves. After about 15 minutes of being in the ocean, I looked at her hands and realized that she was wearing her engagement ring AND a beautiful rolling ring that her husband had given her as a gift to welcome their first son. I freaked out and told her she was crazy and was going to lose them. Another friend of ours offered to ‘put them in a safe place’ in the zipper pocket of his board shorts. I laughed out loud and told her she was crazy and needed to get out of the water and put them in an actual safe place. What was he going to do?!? Body surf a wave with $20,000 worth of diamonds and jewelry in his ‘safe place’ bathing pocket?!?

The reason this stuck out to me was a) I just blogged about this b) since I have been in the jewelry business for years, my close friends know me and tend to be more mindful of their jewelry. It made me think once again to warn people about being careful while wearing fine jewelry and to be mindful of the places you actually wear your jewelry. Maybe I have seen too many wedding rings get lost on honeymoons as they slipped off a finger and into the ocean without ever being noticed. Be careful where you wear your jewelry! Can you even imagine losing your engagement ring or wedding band? No, it would be so sad because one of the best parts of jewelry is the sentimental value of each piece.   Be mindful where you wear your jewelry… you can never be too cautious! :)

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Rose Gold: Recent Fad or Here to Stay?

morganite engagement ring

Style # HE108-M

Today, rose gold has gained popularity for bridal jewelry. Rose gold, which is sometimes referred to as pink gold, is a mixture of pure yellow gold with copper. This creates the delicate color, for which rose gold is famous. The Bel Dia Collection of engagement rings offers all of the engagement rings in 14 karat or 18 karat rose gold, in addition to yellow gold, palladium, and platinum. With more people choosing rose gold for their bridal jewelry, many have been left wondering whether or not rose gold is just a fad or if it is to be a jewelry staple.

In my opinion, I think that rose gold is incredibly elegant and I love the delicate color. I specifically wanted a rose gold bridal set because I think that the coloring is incredibly flattering. My engagement ring has an 18 karat white gold head with an 18 karat rose gold band. Not only does this make the prongs blend into the center diamond, I love that I can seamlessly pair a white gold band with my set down the line if I wish. My husband and I love the look of rose gold so much he even purchased an 18 karat rose gold men’s wedding band. We love that our rings match in terms of precious metal, even if the styles are completely different.

Rose gold has also gained popularity for other jewelry and not just engagement rings and wedding bands. For example, deBebians offers rose gold rolling rings and also select styles of women’s signet rings in rose gold.

From my viewpoint, rose gold is here to stay in the bridal world. Our morganite engagement ring collection continues to grow in popularity and many of our customers purchase a rose gold wedding band to pair with a white precious metal engagement ring. Mixing and matching precious metal colors may seem a little modern, but I feel as though this look will endure the test of time and will continue to be a beloved look.

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Types of Yellow Gold Wedding Rings for Women

yellow gold wedding rings for womenYellow gold is traditional for engagement rings and wedding bands. Though many women opt for white gold, platinum, or even rose gold today, yellow gold continues to be a staple choice for bridal jewelry. I have selected a few of my favorite yellow gold wedding bands that would look lovely when paired with this yellow gold halo ring (or any engagement ring, for that matter).



1. Diamond Yellow Gold Puzzle Ring

Puzzle rings, also known as trinity rings or Russian wedding rings, feature three bands that connect. This particular rolling ring features flush set diamonds on all three bands, which add a subtle yet striking amount of sparkle. These rings are lovely when worn on their own, but they can also be paired next to an engagement ring.

2. U-Pave Wedding Ring with Diamonds

This u pave wedding ring features diamonds part-way around the ring. This is a very standard and traditional look when paired with an engagement ring, especially one that also has u pave diamonds, like style # HE236 (shown above).

3. Thin Gold Wedding Ring 2mm

Personally, I love the look of a plain band paired with a diamond band. The contrast is lovely and makes the bridal set more interesting. It also makes it easy to mix and match other wedding bands, especially ones that feature diamonds, making the set more versatile.

4. Yellow Gold Yellow Diamond Eternity Band

For an additional pop of color, why not select colored diamonds or even gemstones for your wedding band? This yellow diamond eternity ring adds richness and will make your bridal set truly unique.

All of our precious metal options are available in the drop-down menu on the product pages. Please contact our jewelry experts with any questions or if you wish to customize one of our rings.

yellow gold engagement ring, yellow halo ring plain yellow gold wedding ring yellow yellow gold u pave ring yellow diamond eternity ring

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True Blood Season Seven Engagement Details

Quick warning: This post contains spoilers from True Blood episode five, season seven.

After a tumultuous time from the beginning of season seven until now, with the deaths of two major characters — Tara (Rutina Wesley) and Alcide (Joe Manganiello) — Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) decides to throw a party for the town in Sookie’s (Anna Paquin) house to celebrate the lives of those lost and those still living.

Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) stands guard outside, still feeling guilty for killing three of Andy Bellefleur’s (Chris Bauer) daughters. Andy comes outside and talks to Jessica, acknowleding her help this season protecting his last remaining daughter, Adilyn (Bailey Noble), and Jessica’s part in rescuing his girlfriend Holly (Lauren Bowles) after her recent kidnapping.

“Life’s too short,” Andy tells her. “Jessica, it’s too f**king precious to always be looking backwards. I’m moving fowards.”


He then asks to borrow one of her rings, so he can propose to Holly inside. But Jessica has a better idea and runs inside to ask Sookie for her grandmother’s ring. Jessica, Andy, Jason (Ryan Kwanten), Sookie, and Violet (Karolina Wydra) gather in the bedroom to retrieve the ring, which is stored away in a velvet ring box in a dresser drawer.

This scene is the only one where the viewer is given a good, albeit very brief, look at the ring, which appears to feature a round center diamond with a simple diamond band. It looks similar to our HEK1016 setting with a round diamond — elegant, classic, and traditional.

The ring was originally left to Jason by his grandmother, but Jason tells Andy, “It’s all yours.”


The five of them go downstairs and Andy finds Holly. Andy asks them to kill the music and gets down on one knee, holding the ring box. At first he stumbles over his words and then begins pouring his heart out. He says Holly’s kidnapping made his realize he needed to propose. He opens the ring box and says, “Please, wear this ring for me?” Holly immediately says, “Yes!” but Andy says, “I didn’t ask you yet. You gotta let me ask you.”


Then he says, “Holly Cleary, I love you with everything I got. Will you marry me?” This time she answers him with a kiss, and everyone cheers.

Somehow, the proposal felt just right in macabre True Blood style. Do you think anyone else will get engaged or married during this final season? Let us know in the comments :)

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Disney Star Aly Michalka Engaged

Aly Michalka fiance

Photo Credit: Aly Michalka’s Instagram

Aly Michalka, best known for the Disney Channel original series Phil of the Future, announced her engagement to her director boyfriend, Stephen Ringer, on her Instagram and Twitter accounts. She revealed that their engagement took place on July 8th and tweeted, “Wanted to share the exciting news! Feel very blessed to know such a great love #engaged x Aly.”

celebrity engagement rings

Photo Credit: Aly Michalka’s Instagram

The Disney actress shared a close-up photo of her engagement ring. It is a vintage-inspired square lined setting with a round brilliant cut center stone. The band features unique metal work and what appears to be hand-engraving. This type of illusion setting was originally popular during the 1950′s, but many couples are choosing more antique-inspired engagement rings these days. Our GIA graduate gemologist, Olivia, estimates that the center diamond weighs between 1.20 and 1.70 carats.

The happy couple has been dating for over a year and a half. Michalka, 25, can also be seen on Two and a Half Men and is also in a musical duo with her sister called 78violet. This will be the first marriage for Michalka and we wish her and her fiance all of the best.

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Don’t Get Too Hung up on Carat Weight: Diamond Spread vs Carat Weight

Diamond spread vs carat weightOne thing that should be very important to consumers and can sometimes be overlooked is ‘spread’.  By spread, I mean how large the diamond will appear when looking at it face up.  Often times I hear customers who are so focused on carat weight but don’t stop to think about the actual mm measurements and how those will play a role in the overall size appearance of that particular diamond.  What they don’t realize is that carat weight is just the weight of the diamond but not necessarily how large the diamond will appear.  Don’t get too hung up on carat weight! Yes, of course a certain carat weight will coincide with a particular mm measurement but diamonds of the exact same carat weight can vary as far as the mm measurements go.  No one wants a diamond that weighs a certain carat weight but may appear smaller than similar diamonds in terms of face-up spread.  I have yet to speak with a client who says, ‘Give me a 1.00ct round that measures like a 0.90ct!”.  Why not try to get a diamond that may appear larger than other diamonds of similar carat weights.

For example, I was running a loose diamond search earlier this week and my client had a budget of around $4500 for a 1.00ct round G color GIA certified diamond. Here are the options I presented my client.

  1. 0.90ct G color, SI1 clarity GIA certified round diamond. This diamond has a very good cut grade with a depth % of 57.2% and mm measurements 6.35 x 6.40mm. Price: $4370.24
  2. 0.90ct G color, SI1 clarity GIA certified round diamond. This diamond has a very good cut grade with a depth % of 62.9% and mm measurements 6.35 x 6.40mm. Price: $4341.12
  3. 1.00ct G color, SI1 clarity GIA certified round diamond. This diamond has a very good cut grade with a depth % of 63.8% and mm measurements 6.25 x 6.31mm. Price: $5491.12

Which loose diamond would you choose? For me, it would be pretty clear that getting option #3 doesn’t really make sense. Yes, it’s 1.00ct BUT it measures smaller than option #1. Plus, the overall savings is $1120.80. This ‘new found money’ could be used towards the engagement ring setting!

Don’t get so hung up on reaching a particular carat weight. Spread is something that should be considered and looked at when searching for that perfect diamond.  Of course, you don’t want to sacrifice cut grade to get the largest spreading diamond as this could detract from the overall sparkle and brilliance. Be sure to keep compare apples to apples when searching for diamonds. Make sure to look at the overall size of the diamonds are you comparing and not just the carat weight!

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New Designs of Engagement Rings from Bel Dia

One day I was looking through our current designs and felt like we needed to switch things up a bit. We have antique designs, modern designs, traditional designs, but I still felt like we were missing designs that feature aspects of all our styles. I decided to play a little game of musical chairs with our product images and mix and match designs that I felt would complement each other. What ended up happening?? Really amazing new designs that have a little bit of everything we love in a totally new way. Now you don’t have to choose between modern and vintage, simple and fancy… these designs have it all!

Princess Three Stone Engagement Ring with Pave Band

three stone pave engagement rings

Style # HE268

A 3 stone ring is a very traditional design typically featuring one large center stone with accenting side stones on a solid shank. One of the shortfalls of a 3 stone ring for many people is that they show too much metal since they typically do not have any pave diamonds. Now available, you can get a 3 stone engagement ring that features less metal and more diamonds with literally diamonds just about everywhere! This ring features our amazing u pave style shank for maximum sparkle and a delicate feel.

Cushion Halo Engagement Ring with Engraved Pave Band

antique cushion engagement rings

Style # HE269

Style HE269 might be one of our most interesting engagement rings yet! This mounting features a combination of u pave and standard pave, hand engraving and antique style milgraining. In other words, if you take the halo of our HE104 mounting and match it to the shank of our HE70… you get this GORGEOUS ring. The u pave style used on the halo makes for more sparkle and flush appearance between halo and the center diamond. The more vintage inspired shank featuring regular pave with milgrain gives more structural support to the ring. The hand engraved accents leaves no surface area left untouched, making this ring the embodiment of all wonderful things old and new.

antique style oval engagement rings

Style # HE271

Dealing with a smaller diamond but you still want that big ring feel? We have included a double halo to our batch of hybrid designs. This ring is really all about the bling! The halo features our iconic u pave set diamonds for maximum sparkle and flush set design between center diamond and halo. The shank is a more tailored traditional standard pave with a wall for extra support. The sides of the ring feature a high polish design for a more classic diamond engagement ring.

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Newest Diamond Accented Engagement Rings

We recently updated our site with four brand new diamond accented engagement ring designs, so I decided to take a look at these sparklers for those who have tastes that are a bit simpler.

1) Milgrained Leaf Engagement Ring

Milgrained Leaf Engagement RingMost of our new designs utilize a marquise shape in them creating a design that emulates leaves and expands our collection of pieces inspired by nature.  This particular piece doesn’t use marquise shaped stones, but has round brilliant cut diamonds pave set into marquise shaped metal compartments that are lined with milgrain.  The orientation they are set in emulates a clover and even closely resembles the triskelion symbol which represents action and forward movement.

2) Pave Accented Leaf Diamond Engagement Ring

Pave Leaf Accented Engagement RingContinuing on with our nature inspired jewelry, we have this pave accented band with marquise diamond side stones.  The pave provides a textured feel to the piece that seems to emulate the natural appearance of a plant’s stem while the marquise diamond leaves open up like leaves branching out along the stem that present the center stone in such a lovely way akin to the blossoming of a flower.

3) Pave and Milgrained Engagement Ring with Nature Inspired Accents

Pave and Milgrained Engagement Ring with Nature Inspired AccentsThis pave and milgrained engagement ring is similar to the one above, but the added milgrain provide an extra vintage appeal to the ring and a detail that seems similar to a ribbon tied to a flower that you provide as a gift to the person you love.  Like the ring above, the marquise diamonds on this engagement ring are oriented in such a way that they emulate the natural beauty of leaves on a stem or vine as they flank the center diamond like a flower blossom.

4) Pave Three Stone Engagement Ring with Pave Band

Princess Three Stone Engagement Ring with Pave BandA three stone engagement ring is always a classic look and we have a number of pieces that feature trillion side stones already, however, this is our first design that incorporates some additional sparkle with a pave band.  The center stone featured is a princess cut stone, but we can incorporate any shaped diamond into this piece and you’ll have a classic design that represents the past, present and future of your relationship.

We hope you enjoyed this look at our new designs.  To check out all of the engagement ring designs we offer, please be sure to browse our collection.

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