Diamond Riviera Necklaces: An In-Depth View

Graduating Diamond NecklaceRecently, a customer placed an order for our 10.00cttw diamond riviera necklace. Lucky lady, huh? :) Even though this looks like a straightforward, easy to manufacture necklace, you would be surprised at the amount of work that goes into manufacturing a piece like this.

First, we need to cast and manufacture the necklace mounting as the customer purchased it. In this case it was cast in 14kt white gold with a length of 16 inches. Once the necklace is out of casting, the next step is to have it pre-polished. The polisher also inspects the piece to verify that there are no defects from the casting process. An example of a casting defect could include porosity.

At the same time that this necklace is being inspected and polished, about 30 carats of diamonds are being sorted by one of our in-house staff GIA graduate gemologists. There are a lot of moving parts when making a piece like this even in terms of selecting the diamonds that will go into the necklace. The things that we need to consider are the overall carat weight, the mm size of each diamond, the color and clarity of the diamonds, and executing the proper graduation of the diamonds to be used. Phew! See? And I bet you thought this was easy!

After the necklace is pre-polished and the diamonds to be used have been sorted, the diamond setter begins the process of setting all the diamonds. Occasionally, some diamonds may have to be swapped out, but this is all part of the process. For us, it is critical to know the exact number of diamonds used as well as the exact final diamond carat weight. This is important for a few reasons: 1) We want to be as close to the advertised carat weight as possible and 2) We need the final carat weight for the fine jewelry appraisal. In this case, the necklace took 137 diamonds and the total diamond carat weight came to 10.40cttw. Our lucky customer got even more diamond carat weight than the advertised 10.00cttw that you see on the site. :)

After the diamond setter has finished setting all the diamonds, the necklace goes for a final polish, rhodium plating (in this case because it is 14kt white gold), and final quality control inspection. You can read more about our thorough quality control process here. All of the steps that we take are critical to the outcome of the piece. Here is the final necklace you can see on our Instagram page . Lovely, isn’t it? Happy shopping!

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Engagement Ring Spotlight: Three Stone Rings

The adage “A picture is worth a thousand words”, is something that I have always identified with. As an online jewelry company, pictures are everything to our customers. Sometimes pictures are better than a live gemologist. I can’t tell you how many times I have been asked to send a picture of the diamond before even looking at the certificate. Pictures sell our ideas and ultimately sell beautiful diamonds. This week we updated the photography of many of our 3 stone engagement rings and I think it says a lot about bridal jewelry.

Three Stone Engagement Rings

Oval Three Stone Engagement Ring Three Stone Engagement Ring Three Stone Ring Round Diamond Three Stone Ring Pear Diamond

3 stone engagement rings with accenting tapered baguettes is a classic design that will always be popular. This design is something that you see all of the time, but may or may not fully know what it is called. A tapered baguette accenting engagement ring is sometimes mistakenly called a “solitaire”, but it is not. What I love most about this mounting is that it complements any shape center diamond. A design that can feature any diamond cut will always lend itself to be a classic, long-lasting ring design. I always recommend this style as an alternative to a solitaire engagement ring for anyone who wants to get more finger coverage out of their ring.

Engagement Rings Three Stone

Radiant Three Stone Ring Emerald Three Stone Ring Cushion Three Stone Ring Emerald Diamond Engagement Ring

Popular fancy shape side stones include trapezoids, half-moons, trillions, and pear shapes, but there are also bullet, kite shape, and caddie shaped diamonds (contact us for information on these cuts). All of these fancy shapes can be fabulous accenting diamonds for just about any shape center diamond. Trillions have become increasingly popular as they lend themselves to having great size with minimal carat weight, but there are benefits to all of these cuts. Above are some fabulous 3 stone engagement rings as well as a five stone ring that each features unique fancy shape side stones.

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Alison Brie and Dave Franco Engaged

Alison Brie Engaged

(Dan Steinberg / Associated Press)

Love must be in the air! Today we are happy to be highlighting another one of our favorite, Hollywood couples that recently became engaged. Alison Brie and Dave Franco are officially tying the knot. This couple has always liked to keep their personal lives under the radar, even though the couple has been dating since January 2012.

Brie’s rep has officially confirmed the happy news for the Community star and Neighbors funny man. Brie was photographed wearing her engagement ring at a screening for her newest film called Sleeping with Other People, which also stars Jason Sudeikis. This film is set to be released on September 11th and centers on Brie’s character, Lainey, who is a serial cheater. However, it looks like Brie has no commitment issues off-screen.

Brie’s engagement ring is made from rose gold and features a rose cut diamond that is surrounded by a double halo of pave diamonds. The ring is a one-of-a-kind design made exclusively by Irene Neuwirth, a prominent Southern California jewelry designer.

Staying true to their past, we are sure that Franco, 30, and Brie, 32, will keep their wedding plans completely under wraps and have a secret ceremony like many stars are choosing to do these days. We wish the couple a lifetime of happiness!

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Congratulations to Mark Sheppard & Sarah Louise Fudge!

Last week Mark Sheppard’s girlfriend announced on her Twitter account that she and her Supernatural star boyfriend, Mark Sheppard have gotten engaged!

According to Fudge’s Instagram though, the actual engagement happened a couple of weeks earlier.

so this happened a couple of weeks ago…. 😍💍 #happiestgirlintheworld

A photo posted by Sarah Louise Fudge (@slfudge) on

Mark Sheppard is best known for his role as crossroads demon turned King of Hell, Crowley on the CW series Supernatural, but is also known for his other roles in other geek shows such as Doctor Who as Canton Delaware, Battlestar Galactica as Romo Lampkin, Doll House as Tanaka, and Firefly/Serenity as Badger among many others.  (He’s commented on wanting to “collect” roles on every geek fandom show.) Sheppard is well-known among the respective fan communities for the shows he’s been on for being friendly and humorous, and his followers are no doubt happy for the couple.  Fudge herself is the daughter of famous Australian entrepreneur Paul Fudge.

The ring appears to be a simple diamond accented band with round diamond.  It is very similar to our style # HE255, which is a classic look for an engagement ring with just a little bit of pave diamond accentuation along the band.

Round Pave Engagement Ring

Style # HE255

Congratulations once again to the happy couple!

Be sure to check out our celebrity engagement ring page to get inspired by more celebrity styles.

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New Diamond Accented Engagement Ring Designs

So far 2015 has been an incredibly exciting year for deBebians. Not only are we commemorating 10 years in the jewelry business, we are also celebrating new, breathtaking jewelry designs that continue to be added to our website. Most recently, we have added a stunning array of diamond accented engagement rings, which I will be highlighting today. Each of these engagement rings are designed and manufactured in the USA with love from all of us at deBebians.

1. Vintage Style Hand Engraved Diamond Engagement Ring

Vintage Style Engagement Ring

Style # HE310

This engagement ring was heavily influenced by vintage designs. It features hand engraving, graduated diamonds on the band, and milgrain detail.

2. Princess Diamond Eternity Engagement Ring

Eternity Engagement Ring

Style # HE311

Eternity engagement rings have become some of our most popular engagement rings. This ring features princess cut diamonds the entire way around the band, which weigh approximately 1.80 cttw. This design is modern and bold.

3. Triple Shank Pave Diamond Engagement Ring

Triple Shank Engagement Ring

Style # HE312

This triple shank engagement ring is shown here with a round brilliant cut center diamond, but it may be set with any diamond shape ranging from 0.50 carat to 5.00 carat.

4. Leaf Design Engagement Ring with Milgrain

Nature Inspired Engagement Ring

Style # HE306

This engagement ring was created with delicate leaf designs and milgrain detail. The ring is ideal for an emerald cut diamond or asscher cut diamond, but we would be happy to work with you to create a custom engagement ring for a different diamond or gemstone shape.

Each of these new engagement ring settings has something unique to offer. If you would like assistance in choosing a center diamond or if you would like to discuss the settings with a deBebians expert, please contact us at your earliest convenience.

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September Birthstone Jewelry

September is right around the corner so you know what that means all you September babies! Sapphire! Yes, blue sapphire is the official birthstone for the month of September. Here at deBebians we have lots of sapphire jewelry that is perfect for anyone on your list with a September birthday. Here are a few of my personal favorites. Some are on the site while others are custom creations.

1. Pave Accented Oval Blue Sapphire Halo

September Birthstone Engagement Ring

Style # HW512-BS

This gorgeous oval blue sapphire diamond halo ring is available with three different center sapphire carat weight options. The main photo shows an approximate 1 ct oval while the inset image shows the 3 carat option. If you are shopping for someone with a sapphire birthday, this could be the perfect gift for them!

2. Blue Sapphire Gemstone Necklaces

September Birthstone Necklace

Style # SDBY-130

Our station necklaces are available in a variety of options. This particular necklace features 7 total stones (three sapphires and four white diamonds) totaling 1.00cttw. Currently priced at $1315, this is a great price point piece for that special person on your list. This is a necklace that can be worn every day, both day and night. :)

3. Custom Sapphire Three Stone Ring

Custom Sapphire Ring

Custom Sapphire Ring

This fabulous custom designed blue sapphire and diamond ring was quite a hit with our client. We sourced this 6.24ct Ceylon light blue radiant cut sapphire specifically per our client’s request. It’s set between a pair of brilliant cut trapezoid diamonds and is further accented with U pave set round brilliant cut diamonds. Ok, maybe at nearly $12,000 this isn’t for just anyone on your list. However, if you are looking for an engagement ring and she happens to have a September birthday or even if you are looking for a September anniversary gift, this could be that perfect, over-the-top gift that will surely knock her socks off!

Consider yourself lucky if you have a September birthday! Sapphire jewelry is quite beautiful. I have blogged before about the gorgeous contrast of white diamonds next to blue sapphires. Such a fabulous combination! If you need help with selecting that perfect piece of sapphire jewelry, do not hesitate to call on us! We are here to help! Happy shopping!

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Increase Sparkle and Color by Resetting Your Diamond

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by a customer who was interested in resetting her yellow radiant cut diamond. She had purchased a vintage style halo engagement ring and felt that her ring did not sparkle. After sending me a picture, I immediately knew what was wrong. A vintage style engagement ring typically features pave set diamonds with a milgrain accented wall. In contrast, u pave diamond accented engagement rings do not have a wall, therefore you see more of the diamonds and less metal. I knew immediately that switching over to a u pave diamond halo engagement ring would give her that sparkle she was looking for.

The original mounting featured a fancy pink pave diamond halo set in rose gold with a white pave diamond accented shank. Pairing pink diamonds with yellow is trendy. However, I find white diamonds enhance fancy yellow diamonds the most. Since the white diamonds were only on the shank, the center diamond was looking washed out. Suspended in a halo of true fancy pink diamonds, the center stone was also being surpassed in the intensity of the color.

Original engagement ring setting.

Original engagement ring setting.

The customer selected style # HE259, which is a halo mounting, for her center 1.06ct yellow radiant cut diamond. We customized the mounting to feature an 18kt yellow gold cup and prongs in order to intensify the color of the diamond. The yellow radiant diamond did not reach a fancy color grade so it was beneficial to use this kind of mounting to enhance the color. I find that our yellow diamond engagement rings make the diamond appear one grade higher than they do when loose due to the specialized yellow cup. In my opinion, the finished piece definitely looks like it reached a light fancy yellow grade when the actual color is considered XYZ (light yellow). The overall brightness of the ring was also enhanced with the use of colorless white diamonds, which release flashes of white light known as brilliance.

New engagement ring setting after reset

New engagement ring setting after reset

It is important as the consumer to know what to look for when selecting a mounting. Do you want u pave or antique pave? Are you looking to intensify color or hide color? Are you looking to make something wider or thinner? All of these questions are things we can answer for you when selecting a ring at deBebians. If you are interested in resetting an heirloom diamond, please contact us for a quote.

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Design a Custom Signet Ring with deBebians

Custom Signet Ring

Custom signet ring based off of style number SRRS126 with hand engraving and milgrain.

One of our most popular gift items is a signet ring. These rings have been a favorite graduation gift for men and women, but also appropriate for other occasions. For instance, a bride-to-be may be gifted a signet ring with her maiden initials or her new initials as a moving gift after her wedding day. We offer three types of engraving to personalize your ring, but there are also other ways to create a custom piece with our jewelry designers.

Recently, we had the pleasure of collaborating with one of our clients to make a custom signet ring. She wanted to purchase a large signet ring for herself that was fully decorated with elaborate hand engraving, even on the band. The face of the ring featured a hand engraved monogram of her three initials and then was finished with milgrain detailing around the edge.

If you are interested in creating a custom signet ring, please fill out a custom jewelry quote request. This form is sent directly to our jewelry design team, who would love to assist you with your custom purchase. They will be able to let you know if your dream design is possible as well as the custom price. A custom signet ring will be an heirloom quality piece of jewelry that the recipient will cherish for a lifetime.

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Fancy Pink Diamonds: Exquisite Addition to an Engagement Ring

Pink Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

Style # HE104-RP

Pink diamonds are rare and occur naturally due to structural anomalies in the diamond. At deBebians, we strive to design each and every engagement ring with something that adds a special touch to the ring, whether that added touch is hand engraving, milgrain detail, or accent diamonds. One way to create a memorable jewelry piece is by adding fancy pink accent diamonds. We have a collection of halo and double halo engagement ring styles that feature pave set fancy colored diamonds, including fancy pink diamonds.

Like every diamond that we use for our fine jewelry, each fancy pink diamond is selected by hand by one of our GIA graduate gemologists. A gemologist will sort the fancy pink diamonds to ensure that they match and complement each other before they are set into the ring. Once selected, one of our expert jewelers will set the diamonds with precision and care. Before the ring ever arrives to a customer, it must first pass a number of quality control checkpoints before shipping from our facility.

Our halo and double halo engagement ring settings that have fancy pink diamonds are manufactured with a rose gold halo. The rose gold further enhances the color of the diamonds. Although we currently carry many engagement ring settings that feature fancy colored diamonds, we will be happy to assist you in creating a customized piece if we do not currently carry a style of ring that you are interested in. We specialize in designing custom and bespoke jewelry of all kinds, including engagement rings and wedding bands.

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