Newest Bridesmaid Gifts: Gold Flower Pendant Necklaces

hand engraved flower pendant

Style # GCP-01

We are thrilled to announce one of our newest jewelry items that can be enjoyed by literally any woman of any age. Our new gold flower pendant is available and was created exclusively by our team of expert jewelry designers. This necklace would be a lovely gift to present to bridesmaid for a special ‘thank you’ for helping partake in your wedding day and festivities. These necklaces come in 14 karat white, yellow, or pink gold and are simple yet unique.

We designed these flowers to be dainty yet beautiful. The flower pendant will measure 9 mm by 9mm. However, the decorative hand-engraving that embellishes the flower gives it sparkle and shine, adding elegant glitz to this piece. The edge of each petal has milgrain detail, which frames the flower with a classic border.

The matching chain may be either 16 inches or 18 inches, depending on where one prefers the necklace to hit. These necklaces are incredibly versatile and can be worn by each of the bridesmaids on the day of the wedding in addition to many years to come. This effortless design will never go out of style and can even by layered with other necklaces of varying lengths.

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November Birthday Shopping Guide

As the end of the month draws near, it’s about time to start thinking about gift ideas for someone with a November birthday.  November is a pretty interesting month because it has several birthstones associated with it.  The big emphasis though is on the color yellow for this fall month.

November really has two main birthstones associated with it — yellow topaz and citrine.  The yellow and orange-y yellow color of these stones are very appropriate for the season and are incredibly affordable stones, but also softer than some of the other gemstones we carry.  At deBebians, we don’t carry yellow topaz, but we sell citrine jewelry.

Coincidentally, we recently had a pair of citrine studs that came out of production just yesterday.  Check out their sparkle below!

Citrine Stud Earrings

Citrine Stud Earrings in Yellow Gold

Another alternate birthstone gemstone though for November is the yellow sapphire.  Yellow sapphire is less known and less talked about, but it’s really a great option for birthstone jewelry as well.  Sapphire is a mineral that comes in at about 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness while topaz and citrine are 8 and 7 respectively.  Sapphire is also more pricey than these two more traditional stones, but you can get more out of that extra hardness.

Clearly though, from the three stones we’ve talked about, the theme for November is yellow or orange.  There’s something about the fall that really brings out nostalgia and warmth for these colors and for other fall motifs like pumpkins and pumpkin spice and you can really get them in a wide variety of options from eternity rings to halo jewelry.  The color itself is one that puts emphasis on ideas of wisdom, success, and knowledge.  The yellow or golden color of these stones reflects the feelings we have about actual gold and are said to beckon financial success to their owner.

If you’re interested in picking up some November gemstone jewelry whether citrine or yellow sapphire, we’ve got you covered with our gemstone jewelry guide.

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Disney Stars Corbin Bleu and Sasha Clements Get Engaged at Disney World

Sasha Clements and Corbin Bleu

Photo Credit: Sasha Clements’s Instagram

Sasha Clements Corbin Bleu engagement ring

Photo Credit: Corbin Bleu’s Instagram

Disney has a new prince and princess! Sasha Clements and Corbin Bleu are officially getting married! The High School Musical star proposed to the How to Build a Better Boy actress at t­he happiest place on earth, which is Disney World in Orlando, Fl. The magical moment happened on Wednesday October 15th in the evening in front of Cinderella’s Castle. Bleu, 25, placed the engagement ring in a glass slipper to surprise his love. He proposed right before the acclaimed fireworks display.

Clements, 24, and Bleu both shared a photograph on Instagram displaying the engagement ring in front of Cinderella’s famous castle. It features a round brilliant cut center diamond and a diamond accented band. ­Her ring reminds me of our diamond accented engagement ring (style # HE255), though our band may be slightly more delicate.

During this most recent trip, the couple also visited Universal Studios’ Wizarding World of Harry Potter. The couple has been sharing their experiences with all of their fans via their social media accounts.

One month ago, the couple celebrated their three year anniversary. The couple originally met in a grocery store in Toronto in 2011.

I hope this fairytale couple has a very happily ever after.

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Save More on Loose Diamonds by Shopping Around

diamond accented engagement rings

Style # HE241

Recently we received an order for our milgrained and diamond accented engagement ring (style # HE241), which is one of our gorgeous diamond accented engagement rings. When I contacted the customer to get more information on his center diamond, he told me he didn’t have it yet but was going to look at loose diamonds locally. I asked what he was looking for and told him I would love to run a diamond search for him. He respectfully declined my offer as he felt it was extremely important to actually see a diamond before he purchased it.   I understand that some people are still nervous about buying a loose diamond online so I didn’t push it and respected the customer’s decision.

A few days later, the client emailed me asking how the ring was coming along and I took this as my opportunity to ask one more time about loose diamonds. He was kind and said he didn’t want to waste my time as he was set on buying locally. I told him that at the very least, it would give him some knowledge to compare what he was seeing locally. He would be able to compare prices, quality, carat weight etc. He agreed and so I emailed three great options including photos of the diamonds as well as the GIA grading reports. Next, I sat back and waited to hear about what he saw locally.

emerald cut diamondsSure enough, a few days later I heard from my client. He had seen some diamonds locally that were lower in quality and higher price. An important thing to note is that he was buying an emerald cut diamond and in my opinion, it’s very important to not go below VS clarity because otherwise you may see the inclusions with the naked eye. The local store showed him SI1 and SI2 quality diamonds (what they had in stock). The local store did offer to bring in a few more diamonds for him to see but said it wasn’t worth it because the prices would be higher.

This is why it’s so important to shop around and compare prices and quality. I know for some there is a pull to buy a diamond locally where you can see it, feel it, examine it before you buy it. Just know that you are most likely paying a premium for this and that you can either sometimes save money or even get a larger diamond for the same budget online. It’s important to remember that at, we work with a network of diamond dealers and we are not pushing our own inventory. This is why when we run personal diamond searches, we are truly trying to find the best diamonds out there for our clients.   It’s worth it to look and see what else is out there! I am so happy this client took my opportunity to present some diamonds to him. It armed him with the knowledge he otherwise wouldn’t have had and realized he could get a better quality diamond for a lower price online.

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Enjoy Exclusive Upgrades from deBebians

deBebians carries a selection of exclusive upgrades that make the art of gift giving even more special. Select any of these affordable and unique deBebians exclusives to give any gift your own personalized touch.

1. Microfiber Jewelry Polishing Cloth

Style # MJPC

Style # MJPC

This jewelry polishing cloth is our newest upgrade. Costing only $4.99, a cloth measures 6 inches by 8 inches and features the deBebians name and information. This is a lovely addition to any jewelry purchase and will assist you in keeping your jewelry looking its best in between your professional cleaning regimen.

2. Wooden Box

Beautiful Wood Jewelry Box

Style # woodbox

If you are proposing to the one you love or if you are presenting your partner with a gorgeous piece of jewelry for a wedding anniversary, make the moment even more unforgettable by upgrading to a beautiful red cherry wood box for $19.99. These jewelry boxes feature white leatherette inside and have a hinged design.

3. Gift Wrapping

gift wrapping debebiansFor $4.99, your jewelry purchase will be wrapped with care in our signature purple ribbon. The wax seal will be stamped by hand with the deBebians logo. This elegant presentation will make the occasion distinguished and memorable.

To take advantage the microfiber cloth or the wood box deBebians, simply add each item to your shopping cart in addition to your fine jewelry purchase. You may select the optional gift wrapping service on the Shipping Information page of our shopping cart. Once your order has been placed with these exclusive upgrades, our jewelry experts will take care of the rest. The team at deBebians will be pleased to be a part of this purchase from start to finish.

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Luisa Zissman Shows off Engagement Ring

Photo Credit: Luisa Zissman's Instagram

Photo Credit: Luisa Zissman’s Instagram

Photo Credit: Luisa Zissman's Instagram

Photo Credit: Luisa Zissman’s Instagram

Luisa Christina, known as an English entrepreneur and a reality TV personality, shared the news of her engagement with her fans on Friday October 10th. She shared a photo of her new engagement ring on her Instagram page with the caption “Feeling like the luckiest girl in the world…..”

Zissman shared another photo of her engagement ring set in the box along with the caption, “Thanks for all your lovely messages of congratulations on my engagement. Loving my Boodles Ashoka cut ring.”

The Celebrity Big Brother star, 27, was proposed to in Paris with a view of the Eiffel Tower. Her boyfriend, Andrew Collins, surprised Zissman with a 10-carat Ashoka diamond engagement ring from Boodles. The ring has double prongs, a split shank, and diamond accents on the band.

Collins, 44, is an Irish millionaire that made his fortune by being an Internet tycoon. The pair met over a year ago at a charity function in London.

Luisa Zissman was previously married to entrepreneur Olivier Zissman, but the pair split when it was revealed that Oliver had a mistress. They share the custody of their daughter.

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New Morganite Jewelry from deBebians

This past week we introduced several new morganite styles, including necklaces, earrings and engagement rings. All are available in 14k rose gold and feature AAA quality morganite and accenting white diamonds. These new designs represent some of our favorite styles, and we hope you like them as much as we do.


(Click on any item above to be taken directly to the product page.)

For earrings, we have two drop earring styles. One features pear shaped morganites in a flush halo setting with a diamond station style chain, featuring bezel set diamonds. The other new earring style features cushion cut morganites in a floating diamond halo, with a delicate thin pave drop. Each earring features a 1.50 ct. morganite, providing a 3.00 cttw in peachy pink morganite.

For necklaces, we offer the very sweet heart shaped morganite set in a diamond halo. This is perfect for anyone who loves heart jewelry. It’s very sweet and romantic, and would make a lovely Valentine’s Day gift (it’s never too early to start layaway!). A definite conversation piece is the pear morganite necklace, featuring a double halo of white diamonds. So gorgeous. Lastly is our pear morganite drop necklace, featuring a diamond station chain, which matches perfectly with the aforementioned earrings. A beautiful set that can be purchased together or separately.

The newest additions to our collection of morganite engagement rings are this cushion cut morganite engagement ring with a split shank and this nature inspired leaf engagement ring with morganite and diamonds. The cushion cut morganite engagement ring matches well with the cushion cut morganite earrings but is not 100% “matchy matchy,” due to the differing style of the halo: flush vs. floating. The second engagement ring with its Grecian leaf design is a staff favorite, and it’s beautifully styled here in rose gold with morganite.

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Final Days: Our Morganite Sale Ends Tomorrow

morganite engagement ring sale

Save 15% on all morganite jewelry, including morganite engagement rings, until tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the last day of our Pinktober Sale Event! All of our morganite jewelry is available for an additional 15% off until tomorrow when you use coupon code PINKTOBER during checkout. If you are planning an autumn engagement with one of our morganite engagement rings or if you want to surprise her with a morganite necklace or pair of earrings, there is no better time to make your purchase.

To view all of our morganite jewelry that we offer, please visit our Gemstone Jewelry Guide. We recently added morganite solitaire jewelry, but we also have sophisticated morganite halo earrings and a morganite halo necklace.

Many of our customers choose rose gold for their morganite jewelry. The pink color of the gold enhances the naturally peachy pink hue of the gemstone, making it even more beautiful.

If you would like to speak to a deBebians jewelry expert or one of our staff gemologists, please contact deBebians at your convenience. Our direct office line is 213-627-1300 or our toll-free number for US customers is 1-877-472-2700. We would love to assist you with this important purchase. Remember, use coupon code PINKTOBER through tomorrow to save an added 15% on any morganite jewelry purchase.

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