Design Your Own Rutilated Quartz Ring from deBebians

Quartz Cocktail Ring Rutilated

Style # FR-02

We have recently added two new and stunning ring designs to deBebians, which both feature a rutilated quartz emerald cut center stone. We have a variety of white and yellow quartz AAA quality stones that are decorated with gold acicular (needle-like) inclusions of rutile. The result is a breath-taking 7 carat stone, which may be set into one of our two unique ring settings.

Rutilated Quartz Cocktail Ring

Style # FR-03

We currently have six different options of rutilated quart center stones. You may choose which stone you desire by examining the provided photos, each of which will be labeled with letters A through F. Once you have decided which stone you prefer, you may choose the corresponding letter by utilizing the provided drop-down menu on the product page. If you would like assistance in choosing the center quartz, please contact our jewelry experts at your convenience.

Each of our ring settings is made from 18 karat yellow gold, which enhances the gold color of the rutile. Style # FR-02 features a white diamond halo with matching white diamonds on the band. Style # FR-03 features a dramatic split shank, which showcases the single gemstone with grace.

If you are interested in designing a custom cocktail or right hand ring with our jewelry design experts, please request a free custom quote and we will be happy to assist you.

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March Birthstone Jewelry from deBebians

March is finally here, which means Daylight Savings and the First Day of Spring are not far behind. March has one of my favorite birthstones, aquamarine. Aquamarine literally translates to ‘sea water’ in Latin, which perfectly describes its delicate blue color. Though aquamarine birthstone jewelry may be worn to commemorate one’s own birthday or the birthday of a child, it is also the 19th wedding anniversary gemstone. I have selected just a few of my favorite pieces from our aquamarine jewelry collection. Please browse our gemstone jewelry guide to see the full collection.

1. Aquamarine Eternity Ring

March Birthstone Jewelry

Style # AQER-050

This aquamarine eternity ring has a shared prong setting. I love this eternity band because it has a 2mm width, making it ideal to be worn next to other rings. The total carat weight of the gemstones is approximately 0.50 cttw.

2. Aquamarines and Diamonds Bezel Necklace

March Birthstone Necklace

Style # AQDBY-050-I1-14

This aquamarine and diamond station necklace may be 16 or 18 inches long. It features seven alternating diamonds and gemstones. A yellow gold chain will enhance the blue color of the gemstones, but this necklace also may be made with white gold (14 or 18 kt) or platinum.

3. Gold Disk Initial Pendant

Aquamarine Birthstone Pendant

Style # AQFP-10

Our gold disk pendants may feature diamonds or gemstones that are flush set or pave set. I chose to feature the 14 karat white gold pave set necklace today. This necklace may be worn alone or layered with other pendants.

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Five Marriage Proposal Tips

1. Shop Around for a Ring (and Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute)

2. Don’t Buy the Engagement Ring from Groupon

3. Get a Ring Large Enough to Fit Comfortably (You Can Resize Later)

B6LPQaSIEAAWVkZ.jpg large

4. Plan a Nice Proposal – Consider the Time and Place

As Lorelai Gilmore once said, “There should be a thousand yellow daisies, and candles, and a horse, and I don’t know what the horse is doing there unless you’re riding it, which seems a little over-the-top…”

5. Use Common Sense

Man drops ring during skydiving marriage proposal…

…but thankfully it was a fake.

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Introducing New Halo Engagement Ring Designs

Halo Engagement Ring Options

For more detailed information on each of these engagement rings, simply click on the desired ring photo to be taken to the product page.

halo engagement ring ruby halo ring blue sapphire halo ring

Our jewelry designers have been enjoying adding a flourish of new designs to all of our fine jewelry sections, especially our coveted engagement ring collection. We have added a new style of halo engagement ring, which is sure to be a popular choice for our new customers. This halo ring has a plain 2mm band, which allows the center diamond with halo to be the center of attention.

We made this ring with three different halo options. One is set with sparkling white G color and VS clarity diamonds. A white diamond halo will give the illusion that a white diamond center stone is larger and gives the ring more sparkle and brilliance.

We also offer this ring with an AA quality ruby halo and an AAA quality blue sapphire halo. These gemstone halos add a pop of unexpected color to the engagement ring, allowing the wearer to express their own individual style in a beautiful and sophisticated manner. A colored gemstone halo also gives the ring an antique-inspired look.

Each of these ring settings may be manufactured in your choice of precious metal, which includes 14 kt gold, 18 kt gold, palladium, and platinum. For more detailed information on each of these engagement rings, simply click on the desired ring to be taken to the product page.

If you are interested in a custom diamond or gemstone halo or engagement ring design, please contact the experts at deBebians. We love creating new and unique pieces with our customers. Our custom engagement rings page will help you get started.

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Easter and Spring Inspired Jewelry

Easter is right around the corner. Ok, well maybe it’s about 5 weeks away, but for me it brings to mind beautiful spring colors. Doesn’t the thought of spring conjure up these same colors for you, too?   Here at deBebians, we have gorgeous spring inspired jewelry. Whether it’s beautiful leaf patterns or pastel colors, we have you covered. Here are a few of my top favorites…

1. Morganite Pear Pave Halo Engagement Ring

Morganite Engagement Ring

Style # HE208-M

This fabulous pear shape ring set in rose gold is just a beautiful light peachy pink color. Personally, my favorite type of halo is a pear shaped halo. There is just something about the elongated shape that I love. Isn’t this just gorgeous?

2. Yellow Diamond Halo Ring

Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings

Style # HE74

Nothing says spring like this bright fancy yellow fancy diamond engagement ring. I absolutely love fancy yellow diamonds and the contrast between the bright yellow and the super white, sparkly diamonds. This halo design is one of our top sellers!

3. Diamond Leaf Accented Nature Inspired Engagement Ring

Nature Inspired Engagement Ring

Style # HE260

This nature inspired ring features a lovely leaf pattern with diamonds that are set by hand. Here is this ring that was recently purchased but with an oval diamond in the center (shown on right). I love this!

If you need assistance with a jewelry purchase, please do not hesitate to call on us. With three GIA graduate gemologists on staff, we are eager to help you select the perfect piece. Happy shopping!

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It’s All about the Ring Mounting

Helping customers select the right engagement ring mounting for their diamond is a very important aspect of being a jeweler. Some mountings are simple and allow more focus on the diamond, while other mountings enhance a diamond’s size by making it look larger or of a different shape. For example, a cushion halo may surround a round brilliant cut diamond, which not only makes the center diamond appear larger, it also gives the ring a more square appearance. Whatever you are looking for in a ring, there is a mounting designed to give you the look you want! Below are some basic guidelines of mountings, which depending on your goals, you should consider for your engagement ring.

1. Solitaire Engagement Ring

Solitaire Engagement RingA solitaire engagement ring is for the customer who wants all the focus to be on the center diamond. It is simple and comfortable. Solitaire engagement rings can be prong set with either four or six prongs, or bezel set. The bezel setting has become popular because Kelly Osborne selected that style for her engagement ring. No matter what style solitaire you choose, the focus will always be about the center diamond. In my opinion, the cut, color and clarity are very important as this is the focal point of the ring.

2. Halo Engagement Ring and Double Halo Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring Pink Diamonds

Style # HE140-RP

A halo engagement ring is for the customer who wants the most sparkly and largest ring they can get. Adding pave diamonds to an engagement ring adds size as well as distracts the eye from imperfections in the diamond. The more diamonds, the more sparkle with every movement. It is much easier to go lower on clarity on a diamond that has a halo because there is so much going on. The center diamond does not need to be too large either because the mounting adds a lot of size.

3. Three Stone Engagement Ring

3 Stone Engagement RingA three stone engagement ring is for the customer that wants to be elegant. Three stone engagement rings, in many ways, are the hardest rings to manufacture. You have to balance size, shape, color and clarity in order to give the ring a flawless effect. This ring style is for the customer that wants their ring to be unique. My favorite style engagement ring is a three stone ring because of its need for meticulous attention to detail.

Working with a gemologist to select the right kind of engagement ring makes the shopping experience a lot easier. We can tell you what mountings are going to make your ring look larger, smaller, more rounded, or more square. We can also help you choose the right mounting for a more delicate or substantial feel. Working with a gemologist is the best way to get you one step closer to having your dream ring!

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Favorite Sapphire Accented Engagement Ring Designs

deBebians specializes in creating engagement rings all of kinds, including sapphire accented engagement rings. Blue sapphires add a vintage look and feel to an engagement ring. Diamonds and blue sapphires are a classic pairing due to their complementary contrast and sparkle. I have selected a few of my favorite engagement ring designs that have blue sapphire accents.

1. Princess Diamond and Sapphire Accented Hand-Engraved Engagement Ring

Sapphire Diamond Engagement Rings

Style # HE289

This is our newest sapphire accented engagement ring. If features alternating diamonds and blue sapphires in the band that are princess cut. The band is further embellished with hand engraving, making this engagement ring a unique and vintage-inspired piece.

2. Octagonal Engagement Ring with Sapphire Halo

Sapphire Accented Engagement Ring

Style # HT591-SBS

This engagement ring has an octagonal halo, which is set with round brilliant pave set sapphires. The band is set with round brilliant cut melee diamonds, which enhance the sparkle and brilliance of the center diamond.

3. Halo Three Stone Engagement Ring with Trapezoid Sapphires

Engagement Ring Sapphire Accents

Style # HE256

This ring features two trapezoid blue sapphires that weigh approximately 1.00 carat each (2.00 cttw). The center stone and the two side sapphires are surrounded by diamonds, giving this ring luxurious sparkle.

We have even more engagement ring designs on the way, so please be sure to re-visit deBebians frequently. If you have any questions or in need of assistance, our GIA graduate gemologists and jewelry experts are available to assist you. We also have more sapphire engagement rings, including pink sapphire engagement rings, so I encourage you to browse our site at your convenience.

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The Amazing Appeal of Hand-Engraved Solitaires

Hand-Engraved SolitairesWhen you’re shopping for an engagement ring, a major concern that a shopper would always have is the price of the ring.  Some engagement rings can be so intricate or diamond encrusted that it can drive the price up and scare some potential shoppers who are searching for that perfect ring.  Solitaires are always simple and affordable, but they’re often so plain and simple that you’d need a really significant center diamond to make a real “wow” factor.

Enter the hand-engraved solitaire.

Hand-engraved solitaires are an unexpected alternative to not only halo engagement rings, but diamond accented rings.  Just check out the photo above.

At first glance, the solitaire ring on the left looks quite a lot like a halo engagement ring, but all of the ornamentation and play on light doesn’t come from a diamond, but from different shapes engraved into the metal.  It’s fooled us a couple of times too with the particular glean off the metal.

The solitaire on the right  has a similar effect with the hand-engraved band.  Your eyes just notice that there’s something on the band rather than it just being plain and flat and in that respect it’s not too much different from a pave band.  Sure it doesn’t have the same incredible sparkle as a band with diamonds set into it, but it sufficiently upgrades the ring with enough ornamentation and accentuation that the difference is fairly minimal.

Best of all, both ring settings are less than $1,000!  Without those extra accent diamonds in an actual halo or pave band, you can save hundreds or thousands and invest that money into a better diamond or even for your wedding or honeymoon.  This makes them a really cost effective way of having a ring that’s a bit more fancy without breaking the bank.

At this moment, these are the only two hand-engraved solitaires that we have on the site, but we are constantly expanding our collection of designs and you can always request the addition of hand-engraving to any of our settings.

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Graduation Gifts for Her

deBebians carries an array of fine jewelry that would be ideal for a high school or a college graduate. I chose a few pieces that I feel are appropriate, but truthfully, any fine jewelry item is a lovely gesture to mark an accomplishment or a special occasion. The pieces that I have chosen are solid gold and will be able to be worn for virtually any event. They are versatile and classic in appearance and design.

1. 14k White Gold Oval Floral Scroll Border Locket Necklace

14k White Gold Oval Floral Scroll Border Locket Necklace

Style # XL533

This locket is made from 14 karat white gold. It features a flower embellishment in the center and a scroll design border. It would be a touching gesture to place two memorable photos inside the locket as part of the gift. One of the photographs could be from the recipient’s childhood, while the second photo is more recent.

2. Script Monogram Pendant

Yellow Gold Monogram Necklace

Style # MN-06

This 14 karat yellow gold pendant is made specifically for the recipient. The wearer’s initials are carved in a Script font. This piece is made to order and takes approximately 3-4 weeks to be created, so order early to ensure that the piece arrives in time for graduation day.

3. Women’s Signet Ring for Monogram

Women's Signet Ring for Monogram

Style # SRRS536

I chose a 14 karat rose gold signet ring for my final item. This ring can be engraved with up to three initials. You may choose from computer engraving, laser engraving, or my favorite, hand engraving. This ring has a high-quality, solid back.

If you would like assistance in choosing an appropriate graduation gift, please contact our jewelry experts at your convenience. We would love to assist you in choosing a timeless and elegant piece.

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Emerald Cut Diamond Eternity Band Spotlight

Emerald cut diamond eternity bands are fabulous! I mean who wouldn’t want a wedding band with emerald cut diamonds?!? There is just something about the step cut faceting of an emerald cut versus the brilliant style faceting round or cushion cut diamonds. Perhaps it’s the way emerald cut diamonds can remind you of a different era. Who knows why they look so amazing in an eternity ring, they just do!

You may be wondering, ‘what is a step cut diamond’? Well, it’s basically when a diamond has larger facets that run the length of the gemstone/diamond (parallel to the girdle) in a step like pattern. They can be square (asscher cut) or rectangular (emerald cut or baguette). Both are gorgeous and it really comes down to personal preference.

Step Cut Eternity Bands

Left: Rose gold asscher eternity ring (style # AEB-400-14V). Right: Emerald cut eternity ring (style # ECER-01).


asscher eternity ring emerald cut eternity band

One important thing to note in step cut diamonds is that you can easily see into the diamond. Because of this, you want to choose diamonds with a higher clarity grade (VS2 or better, if possible). Here at, we offer a few different carat weight options for our emerald cut eternity rings but no matter which you choose, all diamonds will be F-G color and VS clarity. If you need a different color and clarity option, please contact us for a custom quote.

Here are two of my favorite emerald cut diamond bands that we offer….

1. Emerald Cut Diamond Eternity Ring

Emerald Eternity Rings

Style # ECER-01

This 3.00cttw emerald cut wedding band features approximately 25 diamonds (the exact number will depend on your finger size). This means that each diamond is about 0.12ct. Notice how the diamonds we use are F-G color and VS clarity. The clarity is something extremely important in step cut diamonds and should not be overlooked when you are purchasing.

2. East-West Baguette Diamond Eternity Ring

Emerald Cut Wedding Ring

Style # DWB-22

Ok, well this is not an emerald cut diamond band BUT it does feature step cut diamonds. :) I just love this east west design with baguette cut diamonds! An east-west diamond setting is so in and the combination of step cut diamonds in a channel really showcases the design perfectly. Don’t you just want two of these baguette cut bands?!? One for each side of your engagement ring. I do!

If you need assistance with an emerald cut diamond eternity ring, do not hesitate to call on us. It is important to know that here at deBebians, at least one of our staff GIA graduate gemologists will sift through parcels of diamonds to ensure a perfect match in color, clarity, measurements and even faceting. Yes, faceting can vary, too! This very important step ensures that a perfectly matched layout is used in each emerald cut eternity band.   Happy shopping!

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