New Unique Engagement Rings from deBebians

We have added some new, stunning engagement rings to our already extensive collection. However, these rings are not your typical engagement ring designs–they are each unique and distinctive in their own way. These diamond engagement rings are extraordinary in their design as well as their execution. Each of these ring settings does not include the center diamond. If you are interested in having our GIA graduate gemologists perform a customized loose diamond search for you, please fill out our personal diamond shopper form.

1. Double Shank Vintage Style Engagement Ring

Unique Engagement Rings

Style # HE304

This vintage-inspired engagement ring features delicate accent diamonds, which embellish the double shank design tastefully and artistically. This engagement ring is one of my favorite new designs because it is whimsical, romantic, and I love the antique design elements that have been integrated into the design.

2. Blossom Bezel Halo Engagement Ring

Unique Diamond Rings

Style # HE301

This is no typical halo engagement ring. The halo features round brilliant and baguette diamonds that form elaborate petals of a flower. The center diamond is bezel set, which is a traditional setting style that complements the intricate design of this ring.

3. Pointed Floral Halo Engagement Ring

Engagement Rings Unique

Style # HE303

This halo engagement ring has a remarkable floral design with soft scallops on the halo. The band features knife edge that is set with two rows of pave diamonds.

Each of these new designs may be customized to your liking. Please contact a deBebians jewelry expert at your convenience for details.

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New Financing Option Now Available!

Last Thursday, we rolled out a new financing option for our clients in partnership with First Mutual Finance of Ohio. This new option is in addition to our options of PayPal Credit and free layaway. All three options allow you to pay for your purchase, such as an engagement ring, over time.

We’re excited about this offer, because it allows you to get your jewelry in a timely manner after placing your order and enjoy a competitive interest rate of 14.99% fixed APR. Our customer service representatives are happy to assist you and walk you through the process, or you can apply online and get a decision immediately.


This financing offer requires a 10% down payment, payable by credit card, PayPal or bank wire. To assist you with the math, we have available a loan calculator. Here’s an example of what you’ll see when you use the loan calculator.


You can plug in any amount, choose your tax setting and shipping option, and then click calculate. The calculator will figure the 10% down payment and loan amount.

In this example, over a 60 month period, monthly payments would be $213. You can preview the monthly payments by clicking “Apply Now” on our financing page and then plug in the cash price (jewelry subtotal + shipping charge), sales tax, and cash down payment figures into the credit application form. The credit application form will automatically generate the monthly payment amount. You can then choose from six months to 60 months to see what the monthly payment amount would be over that time period.

If you have any questions or would like assistance, please contact us. To get started or to learn more, click here.

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Happy Memorial Day Weekend from deBebians

Happy Memorial Day WeekendMemorial Day is being celebrated today with picnics, trips to the beach, and even camping adventures. Although it is easy to overlook the true meaning of Memorial Day with barbeques and other festivities, many families and friends will be spending the weekend visiting the graves of loved ones that have made the ultimate sacrifice for their country. This weekend is a time to reflect on those that have died serving our country and also a time to give thanks to those that have served in the military and those that continue to serve.

This holiday originated after the American Civil War, but was known as Decoration Day. The graves of both Union and Confederate Soldiers were decorated to honor those that had died in battle, but the holiday was eventually extended to all of those that had died during military service and renamed.

All of us at deBebians wish you and yours a safe holiday. Our office is closed for Memorial Day today, but we will reopen tomorrow on Tuesday May 26th at 9:00am PST.

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Traveling with Fine Jewelry: Tips and Tricks

Traveling with JewelrySummer is right around the corner and you know what that means, right? Vacation! Woohoo! Where are you going to go? Europe? The Bahamas? Perhaps a honeymoon in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico? Hint hint! Either way, wherever you go, if you take your jewelry with you, you should take extra precautions in keeping it safe.

Personally, when I travel, I leave my more expensive jewelry at home in the safe. A good idea is to just wear your wedding band and to keep your engagement ring locked up in a safe place where you don’t have to worry about it. Wearing your engagement ring could draw attention to you and that is the last thing you want when you are traveling. Another good idea is to wear your fakes. I mean who doesn’t have a set of CZ studs that they can wear in place of their 2 ct diamond studs? If you happen to lose a CZ stud earring while playing in the ocean on your vacation, it’ll be a lot better than losing an actual diamond stud. Also, no one will really be able to tell the difference between your fakes and your real jewels. Only you will know! :)

Recently, I came across a blog on the GIA website. It’s from last summer, but it gives you some great pointers for traveling with your jewelry. You may read their post here. There are lots of very helpful pointers and some that I had never even thought of myself. I love the idea of stringing your chains through a straw. This is genius! How many times have you put your chains into your jewelry holder and they have gotten tangled? So frustrating, right? This is a brilliant way to make sure that doesn’t happen! Another pointer I loved is storing your jewelry in a pill box. This is a secure place to store earrings and maybe even rings (if they fit). A pill box is a super inexpensive alternative and something that fits easily into your purse or carry-on luggage.

It’s always good to be mindful of your jewelry when you are traveling! I think leaving your valuables at home in a safe or in a safety deposit box could be your safest bet but, if you do choose to bring your jewels with you, be sure to check out this helpful blog from the Gemological Institute of America! It can’t hurt. Happy travels!

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Summer Engagements: Plan Ahead

Summer Marriage ProposalsSummer is almost here I am already feeling that it is engagement and wedding season galore! I don’t know about you, but every weekend my cell phone is bombarded with new updates of engagements and weddings. One thing that I always warn people who have summer holiday engagement or wedding plans is to get your pieces well in advance. Summer holidays can delay manufacturing, limit your shipping options and interfere with your travel plans.

Rose Gold Engagement RingsOur Bel Dia engagement rings take about 10-12 business days to manufacture, which is not including transit time. This means that the typical engagement ring order will trickle into a 3rd week including delivery time. Why is this important to know? Summer holidays can delay manufacturing, making it difficult to do rush orders. This can also interfere with travel plans as people typically like to celebrate while on vacation, not to mention there is no delivery on certain holidays. I always recommend getting your engagement ring at minimum about two weeks in advance so you have time to purchase insurance, confirm your purchase with friends and family, and plan for a fantastic proposal.

Purchasing wedding bands ahead of time is also important as sometimes they need last minute adjustments. For men, selecting the correct finger size can be a bit of trial and error (most have never worn a ring before). I often see people scrambling for new rings right before the big day because the ring they got doesn’t fit or they need to send it back for resizing. For ladies, getting a matching wedding band sometimes requires us re-examining the engagement ring (as diamonds are set by hand and vary from ring to ring). The last thing you need before your big day is worrying about your rings matching properly or not having your rings!

Planning a summer holiday proposal and or wedding is expensive and I understand that people want to wait until it is absolutely necessary to make these kinds of purchases. If you are planning to get engaged or married around a holiday weekend, I cannot stress to you enough how better it is to be prepared than sorry. There is nothing worse than having planned the perfect trip with the perfect partner and no ring because you did not plan for enough time.

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New Personalized Gold Necklaces for Mothers

Commemorating motherhood with a piece of fine jewelry has become a customary trend. At deBebians, we are always looking for new, modern pieces of jewelry to celebrate the birth of a child or children. We have added new letter pendants that features one, two, or three letters for just this occasion. These necklaces are each available in 14 karat white or yellow gold, depending on the wearer’s preference. Below are the options that we offer for these gold letter necklaces.

1. Monogram Letter Gold Pendant

Modern Mother's Jewelry

Style # MN-08

This necklaces features a single letter. However, if you would like to add two diamonds (one on either side of the letter of your choice), you may choose that option on the drop-down menu. Both of the diamonds will be set into a handmade bezel. Choose between 16″ or 18″ for the matching cable chain with lobster clasp.

2. Two Letter Gold Pendant

Letter Necklaces for Mom

Style # MN-09

For a mother or grandmother of two children, this necklace that showcases two letters is a beautiful addition to her jewelry collection. We also offer the option of adding one round brilliant cut diamond to the front of the necklace, which will be bezel set.

3. Three Letter Pendant Necklace in Gold

Necklaces for Mothers

Style # MN-10

This necklace features three letters, which may be personalized by using the drop-down menus that are provided on the product page. Whether you choose 14 karat yellow or white gold, this necklace will be a favorite jewelry accessory for any mother or grandmother.

We offer additional personalized necklaces, which include gold disk pendants and monogram necklaces.

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Asymmetrical Engagement Rings

With our latest product update, one of the new engagement ring designs that we added was an asymmetrical engagement ring.  While it is not the first asymmetrical ring that we added to our site, it is arguably the first truly asymmetrical band as it is not even symmetrical along a diagonal access like many of our other rings are.  Asymmetrical rings like our new piece are the most design oriented of the engagement rings we offer because they require more thought and consideration in the planning, which can also make them the most creative and meaningful.  With that in mind, I wanted to take this opportunity to look at some of my favorite asymmetrical rings.

1) Twisted Solitaire Engagement Ring

Twisted Solitaire Engagement RingThis solitaire engagement ring has long been one of my favorites because of its simple design and the unique contours of the band.  There is a slight wave pattern in the metal and the head that holds the diamond in place is tilted ever so slightly to make it off center and give the impression that the band is really cradling the center stone.  The motif gives the feeling really cherishing the center diamond which is of course a symbol of the love shared between two people.  It is gently held by the band like a precious treasure.

2) Bypass Style Three Stone Engagement Ring

Bypass Style Three Stone Engagement RingThe bypass style of this three stone engagement ring is one that is quite similar to that of the twisted band in that the bypass look has that “cradling” motif, but with a three stone ring, it’s about more than just the love shared.  A three stone engagement ring typically depicts the past, present, and future of the relationship which means that the thing that is emphasized as important and beloved is every day spent with that special person and everyday that will be spent with them as well as the incredible feeling that is felt now.  It is a variation of this style of engagement ring that really says that your partner is everything.

3) Tapered Asymmetrical Three Stone Engagement Ring

Tapered Asymmetrical Three Stone Engagement RingThis is none other than the aforementioned new design that we just added.  It quickly rose to the ranks of one of my favorites because of it’s fascinating, unique style.  The previous rings have some amount of symmetry along a the diagonal and with the same size diamonds on either side of the center diamond even with asymmetrical elements like the twist and bypass, but this band is purely asymmetrical.  Only one side of the ring has the baskets upon which the diamonds are set and there is an effortlessly beautiful bend in the metal that wraps around the diamonds.  The overall look creates a sort of picture in motion as the tapered diamonds create the illusion of a comet or meteor flying through space getting ever closer to the viewer.  The smaller diamonds are like the trailing tail that comes behind the massive space rock with the band being much like the various gaseous formations out in space that the rock must shoot past.  From earth, comets and meteors were thought to be shooting stars upon which you can make a wish, so to have this in a ring symbolizes a dream come true.

We hope you enjoyed this look at these unique engagement ring designs. Feel free to search our site for our other wonderful designs.

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Yellow Diamond Wedding Bands from deBebians

If you have a yellow diamond engagement ring or if you’re looking for a unique way to spice up your bridal set, a yellow diamond wedding band from deBebians is a wonderful option! A diamond is yellow due to nitrogen being present. Read more about the grading of fancy yellow diamonds and their color scale in a previous blog post. We carry a variety of distinctive yellow diamond wedding rings that are ideal to be worn alone, next to an engagement ring, or stacked with additional wedding band settings. To learn more about one of the showcased products below, simply click on the photograph or click the numbered item below to be taken to item’s the product page.
Yellow Diamond Wedding Bands deBebians

yellow diamond wedding band yellow diamond eternity ring yellow diamond wedding rings yellow diamond eternity bands fancy yellow diamond wedding bands

1. Canary Yellow Diamond Ring 5 Stone, 1.00 cttw.

This five stone ring is set into a beautiful 18 karat gold setting that features a white gold band and a yellow gold basket and prongs. The 18 karat yellow gold enhances the already striking color of the fancy yellow radiant cut diamonds dramatically.

2. Fancy Yellow Diamond Yellow Gold Hand Engraved Eternity Ring, 0.50 cttw.

If you or your loved one adores the look of antique or estate jewelry, this hand engraved fancy yellow diamond eternity ring is a luxurious option. It may be made in your choice of 14 karat or 18 karat gold (white or yellow gold available) or platinum.

3. Fancy Yellow Diamond Ring 5 Stone, 2.63 cttw.

This wedding band option is another five stone ring, but it features a much larger carat weight of radiant cut diamonds. This band may be presented to your loved one as an anniversary present or even as a wedding band upgrade due to its breathtaking size.

4. Yellow Diamond and Yellow Gold Eternity Ring, 8.00 cttw.

This fancy yellow eternity ring is truly a piece of art. It features fancy yellow diamonds that are radiant cut the entire way around the ring. The shared prong setting is made from valuable 18 karat yellow gold.

5. Yellow Gold Yellow Diamond Eternity Band, 0.75 cttw.

This u prong eternity ring is one of our most popular styles of wedding bands. It has a 2mm width and may be made out of platinum or gold (14 or 18 karat white or yell0w). The u pave design displays the round brilliant cut yellow diamonds elegantly.

If you would like to customize any of our other wedding band designs to feature fancy yellow diamonds, please do not hesitate to contact one of our GIA graduate gemologists or jewelry design experts. We specialize in creating every type of bespoke jewelry, including wedding bands, anniversary rings, or engagement rings.

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Father’s Day Jewelry from deBebians

Now that Mother’s Day has passed, let’s think about Dad. Yes, what to get for Dad for Father’s Day. Well, Father’s Day is June 21st, which at this point gives you about five weeks to think about the perfect gift for Dad. Here at, we have some great jewelry gift options for Dad. I mean, come on… does he really need another drill or better yet, another tie? No, probably not!

Here are some of my tops picks for that special Dad on your list:

1. Classic Signet Ring for Men

Men's Signet Rings

Style # SRRS105

This classic signet ring is perfect for any dad. With this ring, you can choose from 14kt yellow gold or platinum. I picked this particular signet ring because I prefer oval shaped signets rings and this one features a solid back. If you’re going to add engraving, I recommend the hand engraving. It’s a bit more expensive but totally worth it!

2. 8mm Titanium Wedding Band

Father's Day Gifts

Style # BMTB-26

I have seen clients who no longer wear their wedding ring. Perhaps it doesn’t fit or perhaps they have lost it. Well, a new titanium wedding band could be just what dad needs. This 8mm domed titanium wedding ring features a brushed finish and a comfort fit inside. It’s so comfortable that he will never take it off!

3. Matching Gold Wedding Bands with Three Diamonds

Matching Wedding Rings

Style # HHJB908D

Perhaps you want a gift for yourself as well! Who can blame you? Well, I have the perfect solution. Get your husband a his and hers matching wedding band set from deBebians. It’s so generous to get Dad a gift and this way you can get a little something for yourself, too. Smart thinking, right? :) Check out our his and hers wedding bands to see all of the available styles.

If you need help finding that perfect gift for Dad, do not hesitate to call on us. We have lots of options for any dad on your list! Happy shopping!

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Best Wedding Anniversary Gifts: Necklace Edition

The anniversary of your wedding is one of the special days that you and your partner can set aside to celebrate your enduring love and commitment towards each other. Many couples choose to exchange gifts on their wedding anniversary as a way to commemorate the occasion and deBebians is proud to offer an array of beautiful pieces that will fit into any budget. Today, I wanted to highlight a few of the necklace designs that are not only stunning, but ones that are also incredibly inexpensive.

1. Diamond Halo Morganite Pendant, currently starts at $1300.00.

Anniversary Necklaces Morganite

Style # HMP-01

This morganite necklace features a 9mm center stone and a sparkling white diamond halo. The 14 karat rose gold setting and matching cable chain with lobster clasp enhance the color of the morganite gemstone, which has a romantic peachy pink color.

2. Diamond Initial Pendant, currently starts at $975.00.

Diamond Letter Pendant

Style # FDP-11

A diamond initial pendant necklace is a wonderful gift option for any special occasion, including a wedding anniversary. This elegant necklace features flush set diamonds into the letter of your choice. Choose between 14 karat yellow, rose, or white gold (shown) for your necklace in addition to the desired length.

3. Gold Locket Necklace, currently starts at $350.00.

Heart Locket

Style # XL146

What is more romantic than heart shaped gold locket? This locket is created from solid 14 karat yellow gold and holds two photographs. Why not choose a photograph from your wedding day or the day that you met in addition to a photograph from the present? This locket will be able to be enjoyed and cherished for many years to come.

deBebians carries a multitude of fine jewelry that is perfect to present to your loved one on a wedding anniversary. Please contact a jewelry expert from deBebians if you would like assistance in finding a piece for your beloved.

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