Common Jewelry Terms That You Should Know

If you are in the market to purchase a piece of diamond jewelry or loose diamond, you will certainly come face to face with some jewelry jargon that you may or may not quite understand. Today, I wanted to share some common jewelry terms that you should know as you continue your search for either a loose diamond or for a piece of jewelry. As a deBebians GIA graduate gemologist, I am happy to assist you further if you need clarification on any of the following jewelry terms or any other term that you may not be familiar with. Diamond Loupe

  1. Eye clean: This means that although the diamond has inclusions, you will not be able to see them with your naked eye. You will need a 10x loupe or microscope in order to see the inclusions.
  2. Out of round: This is referring to a round diamond or gemstone that no longer has a perfect circular perimeter. Perhaps there is a chip in the diamond/gemstone and therefore what was once a perfect circle, is no longer.
  3. Loupe clean: This means that even with a loupe, it’s almost impossible to see any inclusions in a diamond. This would most likely be for a VVS diamond or higher clarity.
  4. Face up: This refers to the positioning of the diamond. It refers to looking at a diamond from the top down. Imagine the diamond standing up like an ice cream cone with the point down. You would be looking through the scoop of ice cream!
  5. Canary: This refers to all yellow diamonds past Z color (fancy color). This includes fancy light yellow through fancy deep. Canary is basically just referring to yellow, but not the intensity of the yellow color.
  6. Spread: This refers to the overall length and width of a diamond or gemstone. You must remember that carat weight is just the weight so be sure to look at the overall measurements to find a stone that measures well. Spread is often used with the term ‘face up’ as you judge the spread (overall size) of the diamond or gemstone.

As a gemologist, I tend to use these terms quite often. I find that some customers are familiar with these terms while others are not. This is a short, handy list for your reference.

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How to Search for a Loose Diamond

How to Search for a Loose Diamond

Click the photograph to be taken to the loose diamond search.

Searching for diamonds online can be overwhelming. There are a lot of factors to consider and without knowing exactly what to look for; it can be easy to overlook a fantastic option. One of the most confusing parts of a loose diamond search is cut grade. Cut describes the relationship between the angles and proportions of a diamond that suggests how bright and sparkly a diamond will be. Round brilliant cut diamonds are the only diamond cut that the GIA recognizes as having a cut grade system. Fancy cut diamonds have trade suggested ideal proportions, however their parameters are much wider and more lenient. The result is that “cut” for fancy shaped diamonds is different than on round brilliants, this being in terms of guidelines and how they are listed in our loose diamond search.

If you are searching for a round brilliant cut diamond in the deBebians loose diamond search, I always recommend selecting a stone with a cut grade of excellent-vault. By selecting these parameters, you are only considering GIA certified excellent cut grade diamonds. The gemologist at deBebians do provide a selection of what we feel is the most ideal “vault” quality, but these stones will only at best be graded “excellent” by the gemological institute of America.

If you are searching for a fancy cut diamond in the deBebians loose diamond search, I would recommend searching for a cut grade of good-excellent. Expanding the cut grade parameters will allow you to consider fancy shapes of a variety of proportions. For example, a princess is typically square. However, there are rectangular princess cut diamonds. These proportions might inhibit a stone from being considered an excellent cut on our loose diamond search, but it could be ideal for you. Sometimes we sacrifice proportions to yield a certain shape preference and this is something that cut grade can’t accommodate for in a fancy diamond search.

The cut grade options in our loose diamond search are there to guide you into making sure you are considering quality diamonds. We always recommend working with a gemologist post your initial research to narrow your options as there are always things that one might overlook. If you know you want direct assistance, you can always fill out our personal diamond shopper form and a gemologist will follow up within one business day.

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New Mother’s Jewelry from deBebians

Mother's jewelry

initial birthstone necklace gold name pendant gold name necklace gold pendant necklace

Mother’s Day is only a few weeks away, so all of us at deBebians encourage you to get your Mother’s Day shopping done sooner rather than later. To help you celebrate this year’s Mother’s day, we have recently added some new, personalized gold necklaces that are outstanding additions to our already extensive collection of mother’s jewelry.

These personalized gold pendants come in solid 14 karat gold (white, yellow, or rose). As you can see, they have various options that will allow you to customize them for the recipient. Whether you are searching for a birthstone pendant or a pendant that will be engraved with a name, initial, or date, deBebians is here to assist you in making Mother’s Day 2015 a memorable occasion. Please click on any of the pendants for more information or follow the links below.

1. Monogram Birthstone Pendant Necklace, currently starts at $275.00.

2. Personalized Gold Disc Necklace, currently starts at $300.00.

3. Vertical Name Pendant Necklace, currently starts at $440.00.

4. Personalized Name and Birthstone Pendant Necklace, currently starts at $275.00.

For more traditional mother’s jewelry, please browse our mother’s rings and mother’s pendants. These pieces of jewelry can also be personalized by choosing the desired birthstone(s). Currently, we are also running a Mother’s Day sale with 10% off of select non-certified diamond and gemstone necklaces. Please learn more about our Mother’s Day Sale on our recent blog post.

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Save 10% During the Mother’s Day Sale

Mother's Day SaledeBebians is thrilled to announce our newest sale event! Save 10% on select non-certified diamond and gemstone jewelry during our Mother’s Day Sale! Mother’s Day takes place on Sunday May 10th, 2015 and this sale event is the perfect time to purchase an extraordinary gift for a special mother or grandmother in your life.

We are offering 10% on our exclusive collection of diamond station necklaces, gemstone station necklaces, and floating solitaire pendants. We offer a wide variety of gemstone options, total carat weights, and precious metal options for these classic and timeless necklaces.

Mother’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to show appreciation, love, and devotion by presenting her with a piece of fine jewelry from deBebians. This sale event ends on Friday May 8th. Please contact one of our GIA graduate gemologists or fine jewelry experts if you would like assistance in selecting the right gift that not only works with your budget, but will also take her breath away.

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Jewelry in Marvel’s Daredevil via Wilson Fisk & Vanessa Marianna

It’s been ten days since Netflix released this streaming TV series to their services and the comic book world is buzzing with how great this series is.  Not going to lie, I totally binge watched the whole first season the first weekend it came out.  In addition to just being a really well-written show and well acted, there’s really an amazing attention to detail on all kinds of levels from loyalty to the source material, which is of course really important, to language, and for our purposes for this blog entry, the usage of jewelry.

In particular, I want to explore the usage of jewelry and how it shows the development of Wilson Fisk and Vanessa Marianna’s relationship through the course of the show and in a way that only a jewelry company can because we know jewelry.  I’ll reference our own catalog here and there, but purely for the sake of real life ballpark numbers and style to illustrate the changes.  I’ve seen other fans analyze the usage of color in how both characters dress with the focus on how Fisk himself has a wardrobe that changes from black to gray while Vanessa tends to wear more light colored outfits and white.  From that you can see how Wilson is affected by Vanessa, but when you look at the jewelry, you can see how Vanessa is affected by Wilson.  That said, this entry will be spoiler-ific so if you haven’t already binge watched the entire first season yet yourself and don’t like spoilers, STOP READING NOW.  Otherwise, continue.


When we first meet Vanessa in episode 3, she wears practically no jewelry.  She has earrings on (I know they’re hard to see in this one, that’s the point), but they blend in with her hair.  She has a very subtle style herself as the art director to this gallery possibly a choice to let the beauty of the paintings in her gallery stand out more than her.  Her dress would even make her seem unassuming if the camera wasn’t actually on her.  As for an estimation of worth, you probably could find a nicer high end version of her earrings that uses precious metals at a designer store, but style-wise it also could be something that you buy for $10.

Vanessa Marianna - Episode 3: Rabbit in a Snowstorm

Wilson, on the other hand, has fancy cufflinks.  These are pretty large and they’re set with what looks like an onyx stone reflecting more of Fisk’s darkness and background, but it’s fairly high end-looking displaying Fisk’s power and how far up he’s brought himself in the world.

Wilson Fisk - Episode 3: Rabbit in a Snowstorm

The next time we see Vanessa in the following episode, she’s wearing slightly more jewelry although still subtle in her style and this is how she’s dressed when Wilson takes her out on their first date.  She has a single bauble necklace and on her ears are tiny studs. They don’t even look like they’re diamonds.  Just little metal balls and it’s debatable whether or not they’d even be precious metal, but she’s definitely starting to accentuate herself a little more.

Vanessa - Episode 4: In the Blood

By episode 8 though, Wilson and Vanessa become closer than ever after having had a tough conversation about honesty and what happened to Wilson as a child.  They form a serious bond in Wilson’s fancy apartment with Vanessa staying the night and then dressing him in the morning.  This montage of raiding Wilson’s closet is a representation of his transformation for sure, but we get a major look at his high end style and his wide collection of huge cufflinks highlighting Wilson’s love of luxury and the finer things in life as well as the willingness to spend on them.  And he said the day before that he wears his cufflinks to show that he’s not a monster.

Wilson's Cufflinks - Episode 8: Shadows in the Glass

I actually haven’t seen cufflinks this large until this scene. Ever. And I work at a jewelry store.

Vanessa also has her own make over with jewelry on her person during the press conference that she didn’t have the previous evening.  If I had to place a bet on where they came from, I bet Wilson bought them for her that morning and they look kind of like a pair of diamond earrings and a diamond pendant.  The earrings she has are a type of dangling studs, which we don’t carry, but a matching pair of nice diamonds, certified or not can run pretty high.  The round diamond stud earrings we carry alone run the gamut from $329 to nearly $15,000 depending on carat weight and if you want certified or non-certified stones.  Similar solitaire necklaces like the one Vanessa’s wearing range from about $500 to about $1,200 also depending on carat weight and certification, so Vanessa’s look is also getting an upgrade.

Vanessa's Jewelry - Episode 8: Shadows in the Glass

Vanessa before and after her night with Wilson.

Unlike the previous pieces that Vanessa has worn, these are more than likely things that are not costume jewelry that look real. Wilson doesn’t live like that and he wants Vanessa to have the best.  The numbers on those pieces probably do run along the same lines as the items in our catalog.  He’s also Kingpin, so of course.

When Matt Murdock/Daredevil meets with her at her gallery in episode 9, she’s rocking legit round diamond studs of a rather impressive size.  She also has her standard dangling necklace to suit her more down to earth style as well, but this shot of her with those pricey earrings is very telling.  Remember those ballpark numbers from above from our own studs? YEAH.  The best quality we carry are H/SI2 for certified and G-H/VS for non-certified too, so the ones she’s actually wearing could very well be even more than that because it’s Wilson we’re talking about.  Plus, with the shot the camera has of her ears and the amount of visibility we see, I want to generously guess that the carat weight is even higher than what we have.  Let that sink in for a minute.  No wonder she seems to be so full of pride in her man in this scene.

Vanessa - Episode 9: Speak of the Devil

Then we have episode 10 at the fundraising gala to raise money for improving Hell’s Kitchen. Vanessa is dutifully by Wilson’s side and is wearing what looks like nature inspired gold earrings (possibly a cuff of sorts?) that look like leafy branches and a gold bracelet that appears to also be bezel set with gemstones (my guess is more diamonds).  She still picks pieces that match her subtle style as in comparison to some other ladies at the party who are decked out with large necklaces and/or earrings, Vanessa’s jewelry is rather simple looking, but definitely stand out more as she does as Wilson’s prized love.

Vanessa - Episode 10: Nelson vs Murdock

Then after this Vanessa isn’t in most of the rest of the few episodes because of what happens in the gala.  It’s not really relevant to the subject we’re talking about and this blog is long enough as it is, but the next time we see her and jewelry is in the season finale.  The police are coming to get Wilson and they’re saying their goodbyes as the TV news outs Wilson and several people connected to his crime network. Vanessa is wearing two necklaces in this scene that we don’t get a really good look at.  One looks like it’s probably the solitaire diamond necklace she was wearing in an earlier episode.

Vanessa's Necklaces - Episode 13: Daredevil

But WAIT, the biggest thing is that Wilson proposes to her!  Well, sort of.  He hurriedly gives her the engagement ring while the FBI drags him away.  He tells her and mouths to her that she’s everything to him.  It was really hard to get a shot of the ring in these scene, but we get a good shot of it later when Vanessa’s waiting for him at the docks hoping that he is able to escape.

Vanessa's Engagement Ring - Episode 13: Daredevil

And it’s a three stone engagement ring!  Vanessa surely is Wilson’s everything.  Engagement ring designs have symbolism to them and a three stone engagement ring represents the past, present, and future of the relationship.  The center stone is representative of the here and now and it is impressive.  The design is a rendition that features tapered baguette stones which have a taper that allows the eyes to zoom in on the center diamond through the lines the facets form.  The one on our site looks like this to give you a better idea of what it looks like.

Three Stone Ring with Tapered BaguettesThe center stone Wilson bought is definitely a lot larger than the one pictured here (of course it is), but there’s not doubt that it’s an emerald cut because of the way the light flashes through the stone.  A similar brilliant cut stone like a radiant diamond would show more glitter and sparkle, while the Vanessa’s diamond definitely has more solid flash and is subtle much like she is.  But at the same time, an emerald cut is extremely luxurious and modern-looking much like Wilson’s sense of style.  Because of their step-cut faceting, emerald cut stones often have to be much higher in clarity than brilliant cut stones or even the popular and usually more pricey round brilliant cut diamond.  The reason being that step-cut stones show more inclusions and internal flaws in the diamond, which is why they are often a symbol of honesty and transparency which is a hallmark of Vanessa and Wilson’s relationship with each other as Wilson promised that he would not lie to Vanessa.  This also makes finding a suitable emerald diamond rather difficult and quite expensive because they have to be practically flawless to look good mounted in jewelry, so an emerald cut that is good enough and can even be comparable in price to a round brilliant cut stone that is decent depending on parameters.  The size of the stone itself I really feel is an illustration of how Wilson feels that Vanessa is his everything and perfect.  It is in the “present” position and with the tapered baguettes focused on such a lavish fancy cut stone, it shows that he spared no expense to find something perfect and find something that matched their relationship perfectly.  Vanessa totally is his “now.”

Or at least the props department over at Netflix did a good job at researching to pick the perfect ring and diamond shape to match them and their story.

Anyway, we hope you enjoyed this fun look at the jewelry in Daredevil from the perspective of a jeweler.  I feel like it adds in another layer of understanding between the two characters that you can only know from knowing the language of jewelry.  At deBebians we try to integrate similar themes like this into our pieces because each ring design is unique and will speak to a different couple and the intricacies of their relationship.  There’s a whole vast world to explore in jewelry and this is mixed in with all of our designs and the descriptions of our designs on our site.  Please feel free to look around and discover the world of jewelry yourself and try to draw your own connections with shows you love.  Perhaps a specific piece will even speak to you about your own love story!

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Diamond and/or Gemstone Station Necklaces

A diamond station necklace is something that any woman can wear basically all the time. Here at deBebians, we offer diamond station necklaces, diamond and gemstone station necklaces and even just all gemstone station necklaces. You can choose from white gold, yellow gold or platinum in 16 or 18 inches. Our station necklaces feature beautifully handcrafted bezels and they all come with a lobster clasp.

Here are a few of my favorites from

Diamond Chain Necklace

Diamond Station Necklace

Style # DBY100-140SI

This diamond station necklace features seven round brilliant cut diamonds weighing 1.20cttw. I love our G/H, SI quality diamonds because they are 100% eye clean (meaning you can’t see any inclusions unless under 10X magnification) and they are very white. Personally, I would choose 18” and probably 14kt yellow gold with white gold bezels! Love this diamond station necklace!

Amethyst and Diamond Station Necklace

Gemstone Station Necklaces

Style # ADBY-140-SI-14

If you have read any of my blogs then you know that purple is my favorite color! This 1.40cttw option features both diamonds and amethyst gemstones (7 in total). Such a great combo!

Bezel Diamond Station Necklace

Bezel Station Necklaces

Style # DBY100-200I

If you want size but are on a budget, this 2.00cttw diamond station necklace could be the perfect one for you. With only 7 diamonds, each diamond is about 0.28ct each or almost 1/3 of a carat.

When shopping online for a diamond station necklace or a gemstone station necklace, be sure to shop We have endless options and if you do not see what you have in mind, feel free to call on us. We can pretty much make anything you have in mind.

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Top Diamond Eternity Rings from deBebians

An eternity ring has become the most popular wedding anniversary gift as well as wedding band design. The never-ending diamonds represent unwavering love, commitment, and faithfulness. deBebians carries an outstanding collection of well-made eternity rings that come in different setting types, precious metal options, and diamond qualities. Our customers adore every style of eternity band that we offer, but I wanted to share a few of my personal favorites. Please view our entire collection of diamond eternity rings to view our complete assortment.

1. 2mm Single Row Pave Eternity Ring

Top Eternity Ring

Style # BLDPM25S

This single row pave eternity ring is completed with milgrain detail. Milgrain detail mimics the look of small, metal beads that surround the outer edges of a ring. This ring has a 2mm width and is set with 0.50 cttw of sparkling diamonds. This eternity ring is one of our most affordable pieces and currently starts at $870.00.

2. Infinity Diamond Eternity Ring

Best Eternity Rings

Style # DWB-16

An infinity eternity ring has quickly become a popular choice due to its unique look. This ring will sit beautifully next to an array of different types of engagement rings. This ring may be purchased in 14 kt gold, 18 kt gold, or platinum. This ring currently starts at $2445.00.

3. Diamond Eternity Band in U-Shaped Setting

Popular Eternity Rings

Style # BLDUS125I-14

If you are interested in a diamond eternity ring that showcases the diamonds in a classic yet contemporary way, a u-shaped eternity ring may be the answer. This ring has a 2.5mm width and features approximately 1.25 cttw of G-H color and I1 clarity diamonds. This ring currently starts at $1662.75.

If you would like some wedding band inspiration, please visit our recently purchased eternity rings page. If you are trying to match one of our eternity rings to an engagement ring, please contact a deBebians jewelry expert or GIA graduate gemologist at your convenience. We specialize in creating every type of custom jewelry and would love to create a bespoke anniversary ring or wedding band just for you or for someone you love.

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Top 3 deBebians Engagement Rings with Rose Gold

Rose gold has continued to be a popular and exciting choice for women’s engagement ring settings. deBebians offers a variety of 14 kt and 18 kt rose gold engagement rings, as well as unique two tone settings that feature rose gold accents. I am featuring three of our most popular engagement rings that are made of rose gold entirely or have an accenting feature made from rose gold. If you or your loved one would like more information about rose gold, please contact a jewelry expert from deBebians at your convenience.

1. Double Halo Engagement Ring with Pink Diamonds

Rose Gold Engagement Rings Double Halo

Style # HE140-RP

This two tone engagement ring not only features an inner rose gold halo, it also features fancy pink diamonds. The rose gold enhances the color of the fancy pink diamonds. This double halo engagement ring is made with a baby split shank, but the double halo is certainly the star of this ring.

2. Cushion Cut Morganite Engagement Ring

Rose Gold Morganite Engagement Ring

Style # HE74-M

Morganite and rose gold are a logical and compelling combination. The rose gold greatly enhances the peachy pink color of the center morganite, while the white diamonds pop against the rose gold. This ring features a u pave diamond halo with matching diamonds on the band.

3. Rectangular Halo Engagement Ring

Radiant Rose Gold Engagement Ring

Style # HE259

Our diamond engagement ring settings are all available in rose gold, like this halo engagement ring. It is shown with a radiant cut center diamond. The delicate band has a 1.8 mm width, which allows the center diamond and the sparkling diamond halo to be showcased.

We can manufacture a rose gold engagement ring for any size or shape center stone. If you are interested in creating a custom engagement ring with our expert jewelry designers, please visit our custom rings page for more information.

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A Milgrain Ring as Your Wedding Band

A milgrain ring features the art of milgrain — tiny beads created by the jeweler as one of the final steps in a ring’s creation. The word milgrain is derived from the French mille grain, meaning a thousand grains, referring to the seemingly endless line of grain-like beads. Milgrain is usually found at the edge of a piece of jewelry or around gemstones and provides a vintage or antique aesthetic.

We offer many styles of rings, for both men and women, with milgrain. Here are some of my top picks for a milgrain wedding band.

1. 14k Rose Gold Hand Engraved Wedding Band with Milgrain

Milgrain Wedding Band

Style # HEWB-01

This solid gold ring is approximately 2mm thick and is shown here in popular rose gold. It’s also available in yellow gold or white gold.

2. Milgrain Diamond Wedding Band

Milgrain Diamond Wedding Band

Style # HDEB-03

This 2mm diamond wedding band features 0.25 cttw. in diamonds, pave set half way around the band. It also features hand engraving. This style is available in 14k gold, 18k gold, and platinum.

3. 14k White Gold Men’s Double Milgrain Wedding Band

Double Milgrain Wedding Band

Style # BMLA-1626

Double milgrain is illustrated here with two rows of milgrain near each edge. The brushed (matte) finish is popular among our clients. This 7mm ring is also available in yellow gold.

To learn more about a ring’s anatomy, please visit our ring anatomy of engagement rings page.

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Spring-inspired Floral Jewelry from deBebians

The winter is finally thawing and spring is officially here. Nothing screams spring quite like some beautiful floral jewelry from deBebians. We carry a variety of nature-inspired and floral engagement rings, which were discussed by Elaine in one of her blog posts. However, today I wanted to share other types of jewelry that feature floral designs.

1. Gold Flower Earrings

Floral Earrings Gold

Style # GCE-01

These gold flower earrings measure 9 by 9 mm and may be made from 14 karat white, rose, or yellow gold (shown). They are decorated with hand engraved embellishments, which create the floral and leaf design. The high polished finish and hand engraving add unique sparkle to the overall appearance of these earrings.

2. 14k Rose Gold Oval Leaf Floral Scroll Border Locket Necklace

Floral Rose Gold Locket

Style # XL672

I adore gold lockets, especially ones with whimsical designs. This locket is made from solid 14 karat rose gold and is decorated with a floral and leaf pattern. We offer a variety of chain lengths for our gold locket collection, which include 16, 18, 20, and 24 inch gold chains. Each chain will be completed with a lobster clasp. These necklaces are classic staple pieces of jewelry that can be worn and enjoyed all long.

3. Marquise Diamond Flower Pendant Necklace

Floral Diamond Necklace

Style # DP-01

This floral necklace features a round brilliant cut diamond center and five surrounding marquise cut diamonds. The total carat weight of the diamonds is 0.27 cttw with the size of the pendant measuring 10 mm by 10mm. These necklaces are available in 14 kt or 18 kt gold.

Please contact our jewelry experts if you would like assistance in finding the perfect piece of jewelry for spring or any occasion.

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