Save Big at deBebians During Labor Day

labor day saleAll of us at deBebians wanted to wish you a happy Labor Day! Even though our office is currently closed for the holiday, you can still save big on your jewelry purchases.

We are offering 10% off of all of our stunning non-certified five stone rings when you use coupon code FIVE10. A 5 stone ring can be worn as a wedding band, anniversary ring, or even as a mother’s ring. deBebians offers diamond five stone rings, gemstone five stone rings, in addition to diamond and gemstone five stone rings. Select the desired carat weight, setting type, and precious metal to create a unique ring that she will adore for many years to come.

We are also offering 5% on all other fine jewelry when you use coupon code SAVE during checkout (loose diamonds excluded, promotions may not be combined). Perhaps someone you love has a September birthday coming up. Elizabeth recently highlighted some of our September birthstone jewelry that features beautiful sapphires. Whatever jewelry you choose, it will be crafted with the high-quality and care that is expected from deBebians. To view our entire collection of sapphire jewelry, please visit our gemstone jewelry guide.

Our office will reopen tomorrow on Tuesday September 2nd at 9:00am PST. We hope that all of you have a safe and fun holiday.

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What is Morganite?

Morganite, a variety of beryl, is a beautiful colored gemstone first discovered in 1910 that is becoming more and more popular. Commonly, morganite (sometimes also called ‘pink beryl’) is pink or peach in color. It is a 7.5 on the Mohs Hardness scale which means that even though it’s not as hard as a diamond (10), it will hold up very well in fine jewelry if cared for properly. Morganite got its name in December 1910 when the Academy of Sciences named it after J. P. Morgan. One of the first places morganite was discovered was in Pala, California. (You may remember I went gem mining in Pala about one and a half years ago. I did find a few treasures but unfortunately I didn’t come across any morganite.

Today, many women are choosing morganite as an engagement over diamond. Here at deBebians, I like to think we specialize in morganite engagement rings. We offer morganite solitaire engagement rings and even diamond and morganite halo engagement rings. We all know how popular halo style engagement rings are so why not set a gorgeous morganite inside a halo of white diamonds?! :)

Here are my top favorite morganite engagement rings from deBebians.

Cushion Morganite Halo Rose Gold Engagement Ring

what is morganite

Style # HE74-M

To me, this looks very much like a classic halo engagement ring but with a morganite center stone! Personally, I prefer the square shape center morganite option over the rectangular shape but that’s just me.

Morganite Trellis Solitaire Ring

morganite engagement rings solitaire

Style # SE-10-M

Solitaire engagement rings are so classic! Here, you have a 9 x 9mm (2.50ct) center morganite on a wider, more thick band. Notice the inset image shown with a rose gold landmark ring. This is a beautiful set!

Morganite Rose Gold Halo Engagement Ring with Twisted Split Shank

rose gold morganite engagement rings

Style # HE108-M

This is quite an impressive engagement ring for $2355! You get a full carat of diamonds throughout the twists and turns of this ring. This Bel Dia morganite ring is one of a kind and can be paired with our twisted shank diamond wedding band! Love!!

Now that you know a thing or two about morganite, be sure to consider morganite as an engagement ring! Take a look through our morganite engagement rings. I love our selection and I know you will too!

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The Importance of a Jewelry Appraisal

jewelry appraisal los angelesRecently, a close friend of mine asked me to do an appraisal on a round brilliant cut diamond that she inherited. The diamond had been her grandmother’s and was passed down to her mom and then to her. According to her family, the diamond was of very high quality (F-G color with VVS range clarity), although not certified by any gemological laboratory. She was under the impression it was a very valuable diamond.

Upon receiving the loose diamond from her parents, my friend had the stone set in a pendant mounting that jewelry appraisalshe purchased from a local retail store. After wearing the necklace for some time, she decided that she would like to have insurance on it and so I was asked to examine the necklace for an insurance replacement value appraisal. When I looked at the diamond under magnification I was shocked to find that the stone was clearly chipped…. and of course, I had to be the one to break the disappointing news.

To my friend’s dismay, I was immediately concerned that the diamond might have been damaged somehow during the time of her wearing it. I asked if she was aware that the diamond had a chip…she replied that she did not. I asked if the previous jeweler who set the diamond had disclosed with her that there had been any damage to the stone when setting it, she also replied no. As a gemologist, I knew any reputable jeweler would have performed a formal “check in” screening of the diamond before ever tampering with it. This is standard procedure at deBebians. The fact that the jeweler had not disclosed that the diamond was chipped either before or after setting it in the pendant was extremely unsettling for me. Although the chip was not huge, it was enough to knock the diamond out of a VVS-VS clarity range for it was visible to the naked eye. What could have been evaluated in an insurance replacement value appraisal for around $18,000 (based upon the initial information provided) was really only valued at around $8,000.

As the story turns out, my friend went home and did a little more research on the stone and discovered that her family was well aware that the diamond was chipped. They never knew a chip qualified as a clarity characteristic so they never thought to say anything. I am still shocked that a jewelry store would set a diamond without disclosing that the diamond was chipped. Fortunately the diamond was otherwise okay, and in the end there was no further harm done.

It is my recommendation to have a jewelry appraisal done on valuable jewelry as soon as possible once the item has been purchased and received.

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Save on Plain Wedding Bands for Men by Choosing deBebians

men's plain wedding bands

Style # BM6F14

Domed Wedding Band in 14k 6mm

Style # BM6P14

deBebians offers all of our plain wedding bands at competitive and affordable prices. Since we are located in the heart of the jewelry district in downtown Los Angeles, California, we have access to raw materials at a low cost. We also manufacture the pieces ourselves and pass those savings directly to our customers. Our plain wedding bands for men collection is one of my favorite sections on deBebians because I personally feel that a plain band is traditional and an iconic representation of marriage.

Our men’s plain wedding rings are available in 14 kt gold, 18 kt gold, palladium, and platinum. Choose between differing mm widths, which range from 2mm up to 10mm. We offer various designs, including domed, flat, knife edge, and more. With all of our options, it is easy to find the exact ring design for which you have been searching. On the main category page, we offer filters to assist you with your search.

Each ring can also be personalized by one of the three finishes that we offer. The rings may be completed with a high-polished, hammered, or brushed finish. If you are interested in customizing one of our rings, please contact one of our jewelry experts directly. We specialize in creating all custom fine jewelry, including wedding rings, anniversary rings, and engagement rings.

If you are interested in a plain men’s ring made from platinum, we are currently celebrating a men’s platinum sale! Use coupon code PLATINUM10 during checkout from now until Friday August 29th to save an additional 10% on our already affordable platinum men’s rings.

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Gear Up for September for Sapphire Jewelry

September is coming up, which means it is time for us to start thinking about what to get someone with a September birthday.  The birthstone for this month is the sapphire, which is an extremely valuable gemstone that comes in a variety of colors and is exceptionally sentimental.  Here’s a selection of favorite sapphire gift ideas for this year’s September birthdays.

#1 Hand-Engraved Colored Stone and Diamond Eternity Band

gemstone anniversary rings

Style # DWB-19

This wonderful new addition is a round gemstone version of our Diamond Eternity Wedding Ring with Colored Stones.  With stunning hand engraving going around the side of this eternity, it is a true site to behold that makes an excellent wedding ring with a distinctly unique look or a lovely gift idea that can be appreciated for its thought and craftsmanship.

#2 Sapphire Pear Diamond Halo Pendant

Sapphire Pear Diamond Halo Pendant

Sapphire Pear Diamond Halo Pendant

This luxurious pendant can be a really pricey gift idea, but it is definitely worth it.  It has a simplistic sort of beauty to it with a 1.50 ct AA quality blue sapphire.  It touts a unique style that works for many different occasions and exhibits wonderful contrast between the dark blue center stone and the bright white diamonds.

#3 Sapphire Station Necklaces

Yellow Sapphire Station Necklace

Yellow Sapphire Station Necklace

Pictured above is a yellow sapphire version of our sapphire station necklace, but we also have them in the typical blue sapphire and with fun and flirty pink sapphires.  A station necklace is a really simple style that goes with numerous styles of outfits and these sapphire versions add a splash of color to this classic style of jewelry.

We hope you liked this guide for some of our September birthstone jewelry offerings.  For more of our sapphire gemstone offerings, you can check our gemstone jewelry gift guide.

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Give an Upgraded Wedding Band as an Anniversary Surprise

A wedding anniversary is not just a celebration of your special day, it is also a celebration of your love standing the test of time. deBebians carries a large collection of eternity bands that would be a wonderful surprise for your beloved. The diamonds and/or gemstones go the entire way around the ring, which symbolizes your continuous love and devotion. I have made a list of some of my personal favorite eternity bands that can be given simply as an anniversary gift or as an upgrade from a simpler wedding band.

1. Alternating Bezel Set Marquise and Round Diamond Eternity

anniversary eternity rings

Style # AMRD-01

This eternity ring features bezel set alternating diamonds and marquise cut diamonds. The 4mm width means that this ring has presence while not being overly showy. It will pair nicely next to an engagement ring or other eternity bands in a unique stack.

2. Hand-Engraved Colored Stone and Diamond Eternity Band

gemstone anniversary rings

Style # DWB-19

This channel set eternity ring features both sparkling white diamonds and blue sapphires. If you and your partner were married in September, this would be a lovely representation of your wedding month. The double milgrain and decorative hand engraving complete the look.

3. Rose Gold Pink Diamond Eternity Ring

pink diamond anniversary rings

Style # PDR-01

There is no gift more romantic than an eternity band that features fancy pink diamonds. If paired with rose gold, the rosy color of the setting will enhance the hue of the pink diamonds. The u pave setting displays the pink diamonds in an elegant and unforgettable way.

4. Yellow Diamond and Yellow Gold Eternity Ring

yellow diamond anniversary rings

Style # YDR-03

For an ultimate show piece, this radiant diamond eternity band is an absolute stunner. The total carat weight of the ring is approximately 8.00 cttw, which means each fancy yellow diamond will weigh an estimated 0.53 ct each. This ring is created with luxurious 18 karat yellow gold, which maximizes the color of the stones.

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New Monogram Jewelry Available at deBebians

We have always carried signet rings and initial pendants where you can personalize the piece with your own initial(s). Well, get ready because we now have monogram jewelry! Yeah! I love things I can monogram! Maybe it’s because my initials are MMM and I love how symmetrical these letters look all interconnected or maybe it’s in my east coast roots. Maybe it’s because they are all under $500… who knows! Either way, here are a few of my new favorites!

Cursive Monogram Pendant

monogram pendants

Style # MN-05

This cursive monogram initial pendant is my number 1 new fave! I love the cursive interlocking monogram and how delicate it looks as a pendant. Remember to put your last name as the center, larger initial! :)

Carved Script Monogram Ring

monogram rings

Style # MN-02

This gorgeous script ring with carved initials is super cute! This would be a great gift for any a woman of any age and could be given as a gift for a birthday or even graduation.

Carved Cursive Initial Pendant Necklace

letter pendants

Style # MN-07

This single script letter could be a great push gift for any new mom! I love how the single initial can also represent someone’s first or last name. Such a great gift item for only $256!!

Be sure to check out our new monogram jewelry! It’s not too early to think about your holiday shopping! You could definitely cross some people off your list with these cute gifts!

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Favorite Twisted Shank Engagement Rings from deBebians

deBebians carries a wide variety of engagement ring styles, including solitaire, double halo, and diamond accented designs. Even these different ring categories come in a wide array of styles, with one of our most popular types being those that have a twisted shank. The swirl design of a twisted shank is romantic and whimsical. It makes the engagement ring more interesting and unique. I have selected my favorite top four engagement rings that feature this unexpected yet timeless design element.

1. Twisted Split Shank Double Halo Engagement Ring

twisted shank engagement rings

Style # HE215

For someone that is interested in substantial finger coverage, this double halo engagement ring is a terrific setting to choose. The double halo makes the center diamond appear larger while the twisted shank gives added width to the overall appearance of the ring.

2. Twisted Double Shank Engagement Ring

engagement rings with twist

Style # HE209

It you are interested in a simpler design with a twist, this diamond accented engagement ring is a lovely option. The center diamond seems effortlessly suspended in the air while the white pave diamonds add sparkle and brilliance to the piece.

3. Morganite Rose Gold Halo Engagement Ring with Twisted Split Shank

engagement rings twisted design

Style # HE108-M

Our morganite engagement ring collection has become quite popular with our customers because of its beauty and affordability. This ring features a halo of white diamonds that are accentuated by the unique shape of the shank.

4. Solitaire Engagement Ring with Entwined Band

twisted solitaire engagement ring

Style # SE-14

A solitaire engagement ring does not have to be outdated, boring, or overdone. This ring has a modern curved design and can be made in whichever precious metal that you would like. The diamond is truly what is on display with the twisted shank adding a little flair.

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Kevin Hart and Eniko Parrish Engaged

Kevin Hart fiancee

Photo credit: Kevin Hart’s Instagram

Eniko Parrish engagement ring

Photo credit: Eniko Parrish’s Instagram

Comedian and actor Kevin Hart is getting married. He proposed to his girlfriend, Eniko Parrish, during her 30th birthday bash in front of their family and friends. Hart and Parrish have been dating for five years and both shared the happy news with their fans on their personal Instagram pages.

Parrish shared a video of the moment that Hart popped the question amidst cheers from their nearest and dearest. Yesterday, Parrish shared a close-up engagement ring selfie with her Instagram followers. She appears to have a round diamond halo engagement ring that has a pave diamond band and a cathedral.

Kevin Hart, 35, was raised in Philadelphia, PA and was in blockbuster hits such as About Last Night and Ride Along. This is the second marriage for Hart, who was married to fellow comedian Torrei Hart until February 2011. The couple had been married for 10 years and share custody of their two children.

Parrish is an aspiring model and actress and is originally from Baltimore, MD.

This will certainly be a birthday that Parrish will never forget. Congratulations to the happy couple!

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Top Bel Dia Engagement Rings for 2014

I love doing lists, so I thought now would be a good time to do another one. For this list, I’m featuring our best selling engagement rings for 2014… so far. All of these rings come from our exclusive Bel Dia Collection. No. 2 is one of my favorites. Let me know which one is your favorite by leaving a comment!

Without further ado, here is the list.

Diamond Halo Rose Gold Engagement Ring

Diamond Halo Rose Gold Engagement Ring – HE74-R

Vine Twisted Engagement Ring Setting

Vine Twisted Engagement Ring Setting – HE226

Cushion Baby Split Double Halo Engagement Ring

Cushion Baby Split Double Halo Engagement Ring – HE140

Halo Pave Engagement Ring with Morganite

Halo Pave Engagement Ring with Morganite – HG5932-M

Heart Shaped Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Heart Shaped Halo Diamond Engagement Ring – HE3492

Morganite Three Stone Engagement Ring

Morganite Three Stone Engagement Ring – HEK1010-M

Princess Cut Halo Engagement Ring

Princess Cut Halo Engagement Ring – HE106

The cushion cut continues to be extremely popular, so it’s not surprising that four of these rings feature a cushion cut diamond or morganite gemstone. Rose gold also continues to be popular. Last year, HEK1010-M was our best selling morganite engagement ring, but it’s dropped in ranking this year and was surpassed by HG5932-M, a beautiful antique style morganite engagement ring. The diamond version, HG5932, also is traditionally very popular.

The only ring that surprised me is the last one, the princess cut halo engagement ring. I would have thought a round version of this halo style would have made the top rankings.

A quick note about this data: This list is based on Google Analytics data from Jan. 1 to Aug. 18 and only includes orders placed online through our website.

If you liked this list, you might be interested in these lists as well: 2013 Best Sellers: Top 10 and Top 10 Most Expensive Engagement Rings.

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