Last Minute Diamond Jewelry for Valentine’s Day

Diamond Studs

Style # ERS2514

Valentine's Day Jewelry

Style # DSPR20I-4

Even if you wait until the last minute to purchase your Valentine’s Day surprise, deBebians has amazing options that will work with any budget. Diamond jewelry is by far the most popular choice for a Valentine’s Day gift and either of the options that I have chosen will wow a woman of any age, whether she is your wife, girlfriend, or even your mother.

A pair of diamond stud earrings is timeless and elegant. They are arguably the most classic pieces of jewelry that a woman can own. We offer round brilliant and princess cut diamonds in an array of carat weights and diamond qualities. Choose between the traditional four prong setting, popular three prong setting, or the more modern bezel setting.

To complement her diamond stud earrings, we also offer floating solitaire pendants. A diamond necklace will be able to be worn and enjoyed every single day. deBebians carries varying carat weights, setting styles, and chain lengths, giving our customers the freedom to create a specific piece for their loved one.

Please contact a deBebians jewelry expert if you would like assistance in choosing a Valentine’s Day gift that she will never forget.

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Personalized Jewelry Gifts from deBebians

Jewelry is always a personal gift, but isn’t a personalized jewelry gift even better? :) You know, there is a difference! A personalized jewelry gift is geared specifically towards the recipient. A personalized jewelry gift could be something that has to do with the month the recipient was born or it could even incorporate their initials in a monogram. You can also pick out a piece of jewelry that highlights some feature of the person you are giving it to.

Here are some fabulous personalized jewelry ideas from deBebians.

1. Garnet Station Necklace

Station Necklace with Garnets

Style # GBY-140

Garnet is the birthstone for January so if you are giving a gift to someone with a January birthday, this would be perfect! This necklace features either 7 or 9 garnets (your choice) bezel set on chain, 16 or 18 inches (again, your choice). With garnet being the January birthstone, this the perfect personalized gift for ladies with January birthdays!

2. Oval Center Ladies Gold Signet Rings

Personal Jewelry Gifts

Style # SRRS102

A signet ring is not only classic, but you can have the option to personalize it. My preference is our option #4, interlocking script initials done by hand engraving. Remember that the last name initial should be the larger initial in the center of the monogram. Signet rings are perfect for birthdays, graduations or any other special occasions.

3. Gold Blue Topaz Earrings

Topaz Earrings

Style # BTSE-05

Let’s say you are buying a gift for someone who has blue eyes. Well, this pair of blue topaz studs is the perfect gift! The gorgeous blue color of the topaz gemstones will really help to bring out the color of their eyes. See, buying a personalized jewelry gift can be easy!

If you need help selecting a personalized jewelry gift, has you covered. We have lots of jewelry that can be personalized for that someone special. If you need assistance, please don’t hesitate to call on us.

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Valentine’s Day Jewelry Must Haves

1. Morganite Heart Pendant

Morganite Heart Necklace

Style # MP-02

This lovely necklace is one of our newest additions to deBebians. Available in 14 karat white, yellow, or rose gold (shown), this pendant features a round brilliant cut morganite gemstone weighing approximately 0.90 ct. Choose between a 16 inch and 18 inch chain. This necklace will be able to be worn and enjoyed for any number of events and occasions.

2. Princess Cut Gemstone Eternity Ring with Pink Sapphires

Pink Sapphire Eternity Ring

Style # PGR-01

This eternity ring features princess cut gemstones and sparkling white diamonds. I chose to feature the pink sapphire version of the ring, but it is also available with yellow sapphires, blue sapphires, or even rubies. An all diamond version is also available. Also just in time for Valentine’s Day is our Sweetheart Sale. We are currently offering 10% off of our eternity bands when you use coupon code XOXO during checkout until 2/12.

3. Heart Shaped Halo Engagement Ring Rose Gold

Valentine's Day Proposal

Style # HE3492-R

With Valentine’s Day being the most romantic day of the year, it is no surprise that many couples get engaged on this special holiday. This heart shaped halo engagement ring embodies love and romance. This two tone ring features a rose gold halo and a white metal band. If you would like assistance in finding a center diamond, please fill out our Personal Diamond Shopper form and our GIA graduate gemologists will assist you.

To find more fine jewelry gift ideas, please consult one of our gift guides or give our jewelry experts a call at your convenience.

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Save 10% on Eternity Bands during our Sweetheart Sale

eternity bandsCurrently, we are offering an additional 10% off of our collection of eternity bands. Use coupon code XOXO during checkout to collect your additional savings. Our eternity bands are not only popular gift ideas for a wedding anniversary; they are also ideal gifts to give on the most romantic holiday that is closely approaching, Valentine’s Day.

A full eternity band features continuous diamonds and/or gemstones. The unbroken circle of jewels represents unwavering love and commitment. For a more affordable option, we also have a collection of half eternity rings from which to choose.

Our Sweetheart Sale ends February 12th. Please place your order as soon as possible if you would like to receive your item in time for Valentine’s Day. Each piece is manufactured to order and the processing time will be listed on the individual product page under the ‘delivery information.’ Please contact a deBebians jewelry expert to inquire about a rush item or if you have any additional questions.

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Top 10 Most Expensive Engagement Rings for 2014

This is a list of our most expensive engagement rings sold in 2014 and is a follow up to our previous installation of this listicle. It represents the 10 most expensive engagement rings appearing in our recently purchased section, which are photos that originate from our Instagram account. Not all our clients’ purchases make it to Instagram or our recently purchased page, but this list does provide a nice snapshot of the year and some serious engagement ring eye candy.


1. Three Diamond Engagement Ring (custom) – $36,000
This classic three stone diamond ring is similar to the No. 1 ring from the previous installment of this listicle. It features a 3 ct. radiant diamond flanked by two trapezoids (1.08 cttw.) set in 14kt white gold.

2. Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring (custom) – $29,759
Featuring a 2.64 ct. emerald cut diamond with a thin diamond pave band with 0.60 cttw in diamonds, set in platinum.

3. Radiant Cut Double Halo Engagement Ring (style # HE272) – $22,696
This two tone platinum and 18kt rose gold double halo engagement ring features a 2.22 ct. radiant cut diamond, surrounded by a halo of fancy pink diamonds (0.16 cttw.) and 1.10 cttw. in white accent diamonds.

4. Round Diamond Halo Engagement Ring (style # HE247) – $22,280
This classic round halo engagement ring features a 1.90 ct. round brilliant cut diamond and 0.92 cttw. in accenting white diamonds. It is an upgraded version of our style # HE236 with diamonds set on the gallery.

5. Heart Halo Engagement Ring (style # HE232) – $21,298
A 2.20 ct. heart shaped diamond is set beautifully in this halo engagement ring with a double shank with pave set diamonds (1.10 cttw.). It differs very slightly from the original design by employing single prongs to hold the center diamond in place.

6. Custom Solitaire Engagement Ring (custom) – $20,827
This two tone solitaire features a 18kt yellow gold shank and platinum prongs, securely holding the 2.11 ct. round brilliant cut diamond. The No. 6 spot on our last list also went to a solitaire engagement ring.

7. 2 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring (style # HE255) – $18,545
Clawed platinum prongs hold this 2.15 ct. round brilliant cut diamond, set on a skinny band pave set with diamonds totaling 0.35 cttw.

8. Princess Cut Double Halo Engagement Ring (style # HE155) – $17,077
This double halo engagement ring features a wide split shank and truncated corners on the halo. This client opted for palladium and a 2.03 ct. princess cut diamond, accented by 1.00 cttw in pave set diamonds.

9. Cushion Cut Pave Engagement Ring (style # HE187) – $16,927
A 2.01 ct. cushion cut diamond is accompanied by a 3mm pave diamond band, featuring three rows of pave diamonds (1.00 cttw.).

10. Emerald Cut Five Stone Engagement Ring (style # HE263) – $16,213
This unique five stone engagement ring setting features two trapezoid diamonds and two bullet diamonds (1.29 cttw.) accenting the center 1.41 ct. emerald cut diamond.

It’s interesting to note that no yellow diamonds made the list this year, but fancy pink diamonds appeared instead (No. 3). The most popular center diamond was the round, followed by radiant and emerald cuts, which tied for second place. Only one cushion cut diamond made this current list, whereas last time, the list was dominated with cushion cut diamonds (5 total). While the No. 1 ring was less expensive than the previous year’s No. 1 ring, the overall cutoff point was higher at $16k vs. $15k.

There are a lot of gorgeous rings here. I hope you see something you like ;)

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Push Presents for a Modern Woman

Many women are giving gifts to commemorate the birth of a new child. We have a variety of stunning jewelry pieces that would awe and surprise the mother of your child. There are many fine jewelry pieces that deBebians carries that will be appropriate gifts to present to a woman as a gift to celebrate her new journey into motherhood. I have selected a few of my favorite contemporary push gift ideas to assist you with your purchase.

1. Gemstone Eternity Band

Gemstone Push Gift

Style # CAQE-150

Our gemstone eternity bands are available in various carat weights and setting styles. A gemstone eternity band may be worn alone or stacked next to other bands, such as a wedding band and anniversary ring.

2. Gold Disk Initial Pendant

Modern Push Gift

Style # BSFP-02

These initial pendants may be manufactured in 14 karat rose, yellow, or white gold. We offer each letter in every birthstone so that you may purchase the necklace with the birthstone of the new baby.

3. Gold Signet Ring

Popular Push Gift

Style # SRRS277

If you and your partner have already chosen the name of your child, why not have their initials engraved onto a gold signet ring? These designs are timeless and will be able to be worn and enjoyed with any outfit.

To view all of our birthstone jewelry options, please consult our Gemstone Jewelry Guide.

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Marriage Proposal Tips from a Jewelry Expert

Engagement Ring with Hand Engraving

Style # HE72

Planning a secret proposal?? Here are a few things to help you out:

Finger size: It’s really best to purchase the engagement ring as close to the correct ring finger size as possible if you can. I know sometimes you may be off, but try to be sneaky. Ask one of her girlfriends who swears they will keep quiet. I bet she knows your girlfriend’s finger size. Or sneak one of her rings to a local jewelry store and have it sized professionally. There are some ways to figure it out. The closer you are to the correct size, the better off you will be as far as having the ring sized properly after you propose.

Metal allergies: Some people have allergies to certain metals. It can turn your finger green, or it can make it blister or peel. If you know she has a nickel allergy, my opinion would be to stay away from white gold. The best metal choices for her would be either palladium or platinum. I have worked with clients in the past who had to reset their engagement rings into either palladium or platinum because of allergies to alloys in white gold. It did resolve the allergic reaction and the clients were able to wear their engagement rings again with no problems at all!

Metal preference: You may have no clue what metal to pick for her. White gold, yellow gold, rose gold, platinum… there are so many choices. How will you ever decide?!? Well, a good way to try to figure it out is to look at the jewelry she already wears on a regular basis. If you are trying to keep the proposal a secret, this will be a great way to help you decide which metal to buy. For example, if she’s wearing yellow gold, she probably already knows that yellow gold compliments her skin tone the best. If you now know this, you should choose either 14kt or 18kt yellow gold.

See how easy this can be? :) If you need assistance, do not hesitate to call on us. With three GIA graduate gemologists on staff, let us do the ‘heavy lifting’. Let us know your budget and what you are seeking. We will run a personalized diamond search for you and present the best options currently available to us on the market. All you need to do it snoop around and figure out the basics. We’ll help you take it from there!

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A Guide to White Gold vs. Platinum

Precious Metal InformationWhen advising customers about which metal to choose for an engagement ring, I always tell them there is no perfect metal. All metals typically used in jewelry have benefits and limitations. For example, 14kt rose gold is considered a very soft metal because there is copper in the alloy, while 14kt white gold is considered stronger but contains nickel, which some people are allergic too. In addition, metals vary in price, with platinum being the most expensive. Price is an important factor when balancing a budget for an engagement ring. Learning about some of the properties of gold and platinum will help you make the best decision for your purchase.

White gold is a metal alloy made up of natural yellow gold and other white metals. White gold primarily contains nickel as a coloring agent to whiten the metal. All white gold, both 14kt and 18kt, is rhodium plated. This is the final step in making white gold truly white. Rhodium plating is not permanent and it will wear off over time. Depending on how one wears a white gold ring, the rhodium dip will need to be redone typically on a yearly basis. 14kt gold is 58.5% pure gold while 18kt gold is 75% pure. The higher the gold content, the richer the color and softer the metal becomes. I typically recommend 14kt white gold over 18kt; it is naturally whiter and stronger. 18kt white gold is still a common choice among consumers who prefer a more pure metal. When discussing yellow gold, I do prefer 18kt since the higher gold content makes the color richer.

Platinum (950) is the standard among fine jewelers. deBebians’s platinum is comprised of 95% platinum and 5% iridium. Iridium is a very hard, dense, and silvery-white metal, belonging to the platinum family of metals. One of the benefits of platinum (950) is that it is a naturally white metal and so does not require rhodium dipping. Platinum is also hypoallergenic so it is preferred among people who might be allergic to nickel and or copper found in white and rose gold. One of the properties of platinum is its softness compared to gold. Platinum tends to scratch and dull more easily while gold can be more resistant to dings and nicks.

Platinum is a tougher metal than gold. Toughness refers to a materials ability to withstand breaking. Platinum is very tough meaning it is more likely to bend out of shape rather than break. We use platinum for this feature because we don’t want to lose our precious diamonds. Since gold is less tough, it is strong enough up to a certain point but can break into pieces, which can be dangerous. Generally speaking, both metals are safe for fine jewelry; it is simply a matter of taking care of your things and being mindful of how and where you wear jewelry.

All engagement rings and fine jewelry should be serviced on a yearly basis regardless of the metal. This is to ensure the stones are secure and to provide an annual cleaning and polish. It takes no time at all to rhodium plate a white gold ring so there really is no more maintenance on that than a platinum ring.

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Wedding Anniversary Necklace Gifts

Wedding anniversaries are often celebrated with jewelry gifts, especially on milestone anniversaries, such as a fifth and tenth anniversary. A necklace can be worn and enjoyed on any occasion and is an ideal gift idea for an anniversary. I have chosen a few of my favorite necklace options that deBebians has designed. These would please a woman of any age because these necklaces will be able to be worn and enjoyed for a number of years.

1. Trinity Infinity Ring Pendant

Anniversary Necklace

Style # RRP-01

This necklace doubles as a ring. It features three bands of gold that are connected, forming a rolling ring. These rings are incredibly elegant. We offer several precious metal options for this necklace and the matching chain.

2. Three Stone Diamond Necklace

Wedding Anniversary Necklace

Style # P130

This necklace contains three bezel set diamonds. The diamonds represent the past, present, and future. This sentiment makes it an ideal wedding anniversary gift for your beloved.

3. Heart Diamond Halo Pendant Necklace

Wedding Anniversary Jewelry

Style # HDP-04

Heart shaped diamonds are innately romantic. This halo pendant necklace may be set with your choice of a center diamond. If you would like assistance in choosing a diamond, please fill out our Personal Diamond Shopper form. Our team of GIA graduate gemologists will love to assist you in choosing a diamond that fits with your needs and budget.

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Golden Globes 2015 – Jewelry Watch

So the Golden Globes were this past weekend which is basically the kick off to the 2015 award show red carpet season and as a jewelry company, we’re of course into trend watching and there were some interesting trends this year.

Last year was fairly minimalistic with jewelry with many ladies opting to go simple with just an outfit and nicely done hair, but with a few pieces of jewelry standing out.  This carried over somewhat to this year, but there was definitely a lot more glitter although I wouldn’t say the stars were decked out either.  No, many ventured more toward the simple where many had one or two small accessories or one large statement piece to complement their red carpet wear.  If they selected many pieces, it tended to be more along the lines of several small pieces together.  While many of the stars wore diamonds, there were also many that also went with more colored gemstone or gemstone in the rough style jewelry.  Earring pieces were generally either studs or dangling with a couple of people donning clusters.

If someone was adorned in shininess at all, most of it was emanating from the sequins or faux stones from their outfits.  Like for instance, Emma Stone in her Lanvin jumpsuit with no other accessories.

Emma StoneUzo Aduba from Orange is the New Black too. Although she’s clearly rocking some large gemstone studs and a diamond tennis bracelet.

Uzo AdubaSo yeah, those are the kind of looks we’re talking about here in terms of the dresses, so if you’re going with a style like that, understandably you’d want to go simple on the jewelry or none at all to avoid being too ostentatious.  Besides, if you’re going to be under the shiny lights accepting an award, best not to blind the camera with too much sparkle.  (We have problems with that all the time when we shoot our pieces!)

Again though, a large amount of the jewelry that was worn was dangling earrings!

George & Amal ClooneyThe lovely Amal Clooney is adorned by Harry Winston.

Jennifer LopezJennifer Lopez looks fierce there with those dangling earrings.  That’s also a three stone cocktail ring there on her finger, which is in a unique orientation in that it looks reminiscent of journey pendants.

Jessica ChastainHer earrings are reportedly from Piaget.

Salma  Hayek & Kevin HartSalma Hayek was probably one of the most decked out in jewelry between her earrings and bracelets complementing her Alexander McQueen gown and clutch purse.

Benedict Cumberbatch & Jennifer AnistonNeil Lane onyx jewelry for Jennifer Aniston who presented the night’s first award with our office fave Benedict Cumberbatch.

Definitely lots of chandelier-like pieces, but observe how these ladies were mostly bare necked!  Necklaces were totally not a thing except for a couple of people which include Lorde and Naomi Watts.

LordeNeil Lane here against a black suit.  The rings are probably personal pieces, I think, but that necklace there is 100 cttw in platinum.

Naomi Watts & Liev SchreiberNaomi Watts has a Bulgari slithery friend and some diamond studs.

Julianna Marguilies also had a necklace and diamond studs from Bulgari, but she went distinctly simple.

Juliana Marguilies & Keith Liberthal / Photo by Christopher Polk/NBCSome stars also wore rings, but I wouldn’t say a whole lot wore some extra bling on the finger outside of their engagement rings.  A smattering of ladies did and more than who opted for neck adornments, but the jewelry pieces of the night or even possibly the season are more definitely in the vein of earrings and bracelets or bangles if anything else.

The stars that went with rings though, definitely went big.  In the 1st look pre-show, Allison Janney talked about how she forced on the yellow diamond halo ring that she was wearing on her left hand and might have to buy it after the show because she didn’t think it was going to come off.  She didn’t seem to mind though because she liked it quite a lot.  It looked quite similar to our Teresa ring from our Bel Dia Signature Line.

Teresa - Bel Dia Signature Line

Teresa – Bel Dia Signature Line

But anyway, this is an award show and most of the above were nominees or presenters. Here are some of the winners who took some photos with the Official Golden Globes Instagram.

Amy AdamsAmy Adams glitzed up by Tiffany & Co. and winner for her role in Big Eyes.  The above picture just gives you a better shot of the jewels on her hand and wrist.  Pretty simple and sweet though.  Below is her winner’s photo in a casual pose with her Golden Globe.

Amy Adams

Gina RodriguezGina Rodriguez with her Golden Globe for Jane the Virgin and Chopard earrings.

Joanne FroggattJoanne Froggatt for Downtown Abbey with dangling Casato Dragon Eye earrings in rose gold with a couple of rings.

Julianne MooreJulianne Moore also wearing Chopard to accent her super shiny dress and newly won Golden Globe for Still Alice.

Patricia ArquettePatricia Arquette presenting her Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress in Boyhood while wearing a huge cocktail ring on her right hand and some black gemstone stud earrings.

And there you have this year’s celebrity red carpet trends thus far.  If you’re looking around for pieces that can match your own sense of celebrity style, feel free to browse our collection of pieces.

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