Tips for Protecting Your Fine Jewelry

rose gold engagement ring fine jewelry appraisalIt is very important to have your fine jewelry cleaned, inspected and appraised. For jewelry cleaning and inspection, I would recommend doing this once a year. There are a few reasons for this. One, you can make sure that all the prongs are tight and that the diamonds/stones are secure in the setting. A second reason is to make sure that nothing is chipped and/or broken. Remember, diamond is a 10 on the Mohs Hardness scale which means that even though it’s extremely hard, it CAN break. It’s important to know the state of your fine jewelry.

Every piece of fine jewelry should also have an appraisal. This is important for a few reasons. One, if you inherited the item, an appraisal will give you the breakdown of the piece. It’s important to know the metal, stone information, color, clarity and even the current retail replacement value. It’s up to you if you want to insure the piece, but this will at least give you a current value. Another reason to have your jewelry appraised is to double check the quality against where you bought it. If you pay for VS diamonds, you want a 3rd party to verify that they are indeed VS. Remember to update your appraisal about every 4-5 years as diamond and metal prices change and  fluctuate. You want to make sure you have the most up to date current retail replacement value (especially if the item is insured!). If the item is insured, be sure to update your appraisal on file with your insurance company.

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Best Jewelry Gifts for a Bride-to-Be

We have a large collection of fine jewelry that would please any bride of any age. I have selected a few of my favorite pieces that would not only make her feel special on her wedding day, but also for many years to come.

1. Something Blue

jewelry gifts for bride-to-be

hand engraved wedding bands blue sapphire earrings

Many brides wish to partake in various wedding traditions, including one that involves representing ‘something blue’ on the wedding day. Many modern brides may honor this tradition by wearing a blue petticoat or garter, or even by wearing blue shoes. Personally, I adore the idea of giving a bride-to-be a piece of jewelry that she will not only be able to wear on her wedding day, but also enjoy for a lifetime. This sapphire and diamond hand-engraved wedding band and these delicate blue sapphire stud earrings are just two examples of the fine jewelry that we offer from deBebians.

2. Monogram Necklace or Ring

gold monogram jewelry

monogram necklace monogram ring

A classic piece of jewelry, such as a monogram ring or necklace, would also be a welcome gift for a new bride. Whether she decides to keep her last name or change it, one of these traditional pieces of jewelry will easily be one of her favorite pieces to wear. You may have the jewelry monogrammed with her maiden or married initials–both gestures are incredibly meaningful.

We carry a wide variety of jewelry in different styles and budgets. If you would like to speak to one of our jewelry experts with recommendations, please contact us at your convenience or visit our Jewelry Gift Guide.

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Unique Men’s Wedding Ring Styles from deBebians

Many men crave an updated and fresh look when it comes to selecting their wedding bands. There are countless styles that are modern and tastefully distinguished that are available from deBebians. I have selected a few of our most popular styles that are beloved amongst all of our customers. They are each exemplery examples of the pieces that we are proud to carry.

1. Square Mens Ring with Grooves

unique men's wedding bands

Style # BMLA-2030

We have found that some men prefer the comfort of a square shaped wedding band. This ring features a bold, brushed center that is enhanced further by the two strong grooves. This ring is available in 14kt gold and in a variety of finger sizes.

2. 6mm Hammered Finish Mens Ring

hammered men's wedding bands

Style # BMLA-1933

Hammered wedding bands give the ring a more organic look and feel. This ring features two high-polished grooves, which catch the light in a striking manner. A 6mm ring is a flattering width for both men and women.

3. Men’s Black Diamond Eternity Band

men's eternity bands

Style # MBDE-700

For the man that is looking to for the ultimate statement piece, this channel set eternity band for men is a stunning option. The black diamonds are princess cut, giving the ring a sophisticated design.

We specialize in all custom jewelry, including men’s wedding bands. If you see a design on our website that you would like to change or modify, please contact our jewelry design experts. We can also create something entirely different if you have not quite found exactly what you are searching for. If this is the case, please fill out a request for a free custom quote and our jewelry designers will be in touch.

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New Seven Stone Diamond Ring Designs

We recently added new 7 stone diamond ring styles to our diamond wedding rings for women collection. These new styles feature a wide variety of diamond shapes, carat weights, and setting styles. We can also easily customize any design to make the perfect seven stone diamond ring for you (just click the “customize it” button on the product page and fill out the form with your design modifications).

A 7 stone ring makes a beautiful wedding ring, anniversary ring, or even promise ring. The number seven can symbolize a seven year anniversary, a date, or a lucky number. Compared to our selection of five stone rings, a seven stone diamond band typically features smaller stones for a more delicate look, ideal for stacking or also beautifully elegant when worn alone.

The 0.50 cttw round diamond version is available in your choice of a single prong (or floating) setting, a shared prong setting, a u-prong setting. The floating diamond style is also available with blue sapphires as style # BLD1037-BS.

The shared prong setting is the most secure choice. The single prong setting has a very distinctive look with the small bead of metal in between each diamond. The u-prong setting shows off the sides of the diamonds, when looking at a profile view.

The 1.50 cttw version features square diamonds — your choice of cushion cut diamonds, princess cut diamonds, or radiant cut diamonds in a shared prong setting.

The 2.00 cttw version, which is also the most extravagant and luxurious design in this collection, features sophisticated asscher cut or emerald cut diamonds in a shared prong setting.

Two practical points to consider when comparing a seven stone diamond band to an diamond eternity band, are 1) comfort and 2) resizing. Some clients find eternity rings to be uncomfortable with the diamonds going all the way around the ring; for them, a seven stone ring would likely be more comfortable to wear. Another concern sometimes is the possibility of resizing a ring later on, and doing so with a seven stone ring is a simple process. Eternity rings, on the other hand, cannot be resized.

As always, all of these new seven stone ring designs are available in 14k or 18k white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold, as well as platinum.

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Lauren Conrad and William Tell Marry

Photo credit: Lauren Conrad's Instagram

Photo credit: Lauren Conrad’s Instagram

Reality star turned fashion designer, Lauren Conrad, is officially married. She and musician, William Tell, tied the knot over the weekend surrounded by their closest friends and family members. Conrad, 28, and Tell, 34, met in 2012 when they were set up by friends on a blind date.

“What a perfect way to start our lives together; surrounded by the people we love most,” the newly married couple told Us Magazine after their nuptials. It was also revealed that the couple wed in California on the coast on Saturday September 13th.

Conrad and Tell announced their engagement on October 13, 2013 and share a home in Westwood. Conrad was presented with a round brilliant cut solitaire engagement ring in a four prong setting. Getting married is not the only exciting news for the couple. Tell also graduated from law school at the University of Southern California in May of this year.

I wish these two all of the happiness in the world and I can’t wait to see what they both selected to wear as their wedding bands.

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Wedding Trend Alert: Mix and Match Wedding Bands

Nowadays, women aren’t so matchy-matchy when it comes to selecting their wedding band for their engagement ring. I love the idea of mixing and matching and going with a different color metal, different setting style, or even a different diamond cut for the wedding band. It took me a bit to get into this trend as I used to prefer more of a matching bridal set style. I think it is fun to mix it up with your wedding band and choose something that complements you engagement ring but doesn’t totally match.

Here are a few examples of rings that would look awesome paired together:

mismatched bridal sets

solitaire engagement ring rose gold eternity ring


Both rings are similar in width and in this case both feature round brilliant cut diamonds. I like the idea of a white metal engagement ring (white gold or platinum) paired with a rose gold wedding band. What do you think?

Here is another idea:
mix and match bridal set

rose gold engagement ring channel set eternity ring

The rose gold engagement ring features U pave style diamonds in a 2mm wide shank. The channel set ring also features round diamonds, but it about 3.5mm wide. Personally, I would even go a tad thinner with the channel and keep it about 2-2.5mm wide. We recently did this for a client where we combined U pave on her engagement ring with a channel style wedding band. It looked amazing!

When it comes to wedding bands, be sure to think outside the box. Try on different setting styles and even different diamond shapes to see what really looks best with your engagement ring. It’s fun to mix and match. You never know what may look best!

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Everything You Need to Know about Oval Diamonds

Oval diamondsThis week I received a request for an oval diamond search that reaffirmed to me how searching for an oval diamond can be a bit of a challenge! I find there to be more factors to evaluate in an oval than other diamond cuts that can have less variation. Below highlights the most important features to consider evaluating an oval diamond.

Carat weight

Oval diamonds, because they are cut similarly to a round brilliant, typically look large for their size. An oval is recommended to have a similar depth and table percentage (markers for a well cut stone) to a round brilliant; which is the slimmest cut diamond shape. This means that an oval will typically measure larger than a different diamond shape (such as a cushion or princess) of the same weight. An oval is so forgiving on size that it can be beneficial for those who want a very large diamond. It also allows you to go lower in carat weight without compromising size.


Just like a round brilliant, oval diamonds can be more expensive than other diamond cuts. Since round brilliants and oval diamonds are typically cut with very slim proportions, this means the diamond cutter loses diamond rough which could have been used to add more weight (if the diamond were a different shape). The buyer pays a premium for this to compensate for the lost weight. The increased size at lower carat weights can offset the steeper price tag; however, it is often difficult to wrap our brains around the idea of measurements v. carat weight. We use carat weight too often as a marker of size, which can be confusing when evaluating an oval.

Color & Clarity

Oval diamonds do require greater attention to color than clarity. Since the depth of an oval varies throughout the body, color intensity can vary. I find that oval diamonds require higher color in order to compensate for the color concentration that can happen. Oval and pear shape diamonds commonly have discrepancy in their color concentration so it is important to get the whitest stone you can. I recommend a G color or better whenever possible. The brilliant cut faceting of oval diamonds allows for a lower clarity without compromising beauty. It is very common to have an SI1-SI2 eye clean oval diamond because they are so brilliant.

oval diamond shapeShape

Shape is very important when evaluating an oval diamond. There is a wide range of possible shapes from a slightly more rounded oval to a very skinny and long oval; this is designated by a length to width ratio. At deBebians, we recommend a length to width for an oval to be 1:3-1:4. Anything smaller will look like an ‘out of round’ round brilliant and anything longer can begin to look very long and skinny like a marquise. Shape is also a great indicator of the “bow-tie” shadow that is common in oval diamonds. The “bow tie” is a shadow that can be seen in the belly of the stone that is literally in the shape of a bow tie. Oval diamonds with a slim depth percentage in the low 60’s and have a length to width ratio around 1:3-1:4 have minimal loss of light and will have a minimal bow tie. The more extreme the proportions, the larger and darker you can expect the shadow to be.

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Affordable Sapphire Birthstone Necklaces

Birthstone jewelry is a thoughtful birthday gift idea for anyone. deBebians carries a wide variety of gemstone jewelry and our Gemstone Jewelry Guide outlines all of the different options that we currently offer. For your loved ones that were born in September, a necklace that features blue sapphires is a stunning way to show off the September birthstone. The necklaces that I have selected are affordable, classically beautiful, and created with the love and care for which deBebians is known.

1. Blue Sapphire Gemstone Station Necklace

gemstone bezel necklace

Style # SBY-5014 currently starts at $551.00 for 14kt gold and a 16″ chain.

The vibrant color of the blue sapphires comes through beautifully on our gemstone station necklace. The delicate bezel settings are created by hand to ensure that they are delicate, yet strong enough to hold each and every gem.

2. Solitaire Sapphire Necklace

September birthstone necklaces

Style # SSP-01 currently starts at $463.00 for a 0.33ct sapphire on a 14kt gold chain that is 16″.

If your loved one prefers the look of a single gem, a solitaire sapphire necklace is a gorgeous option. We offer a four prong setting or a bezel setting, but both will look timeless on the matching chain.

3. Letter S Blue Sapphire Pendant

Sapphire Letter Necklace

Style # BSFP-19 currently starts at $526.00 for a 14kt gold pendant on a 16″ chain.

Gold disk pendant necklaces with a lone initial are trendy yet refined. Choose the wearer’s first or last initial in addition to the metal type and the setting style to create the desired look.

To view our entire collection of birthstone jewelry, please browse our Gemstone Jewelry Guide. We also love creating custom jewelry, including necklaces, so please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to inquire about creating a unique piece.

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